Dalat Tour 3 Days 3 Nights | Lost In Fairyland

12/12/2022 huynhle

Booking Dalat Tour 3 days 3 nights cheap package of Vietnam Booking, you will discover Da Lat famous for its unique man-made constructions, bearing the breath of mountains. Visitors will experience many interesting and meaningful activities during their journey in the land of thousands of flowers.

Dalat tour for 3 days 3 nights | Lost in the fairyland of the world

Dalat tour 3 days 3 nights by Vietnam Booking

CODE: VNBK374368

DEPARTURE: Every Thursday night


  • Insurance
  • Tour guide
  • Shuttle bus
  • Meal
  • Sightseeing tickets


  • Check-in at the Valley of the Lights with “Stairway to Heaven”.
  • Discover unique works such as Linh Phuoc Pagoda,…
  • Play with cute puppies at Puppy Farm.
  • Interesting incarnations with various poses at the 3D Painting Museum.

Quickly book Dalat Tour 3 days 3 nights at a good price via hotline 1900 3398 of Vietnam Booking!


NIGHT DAY 01 | HO CHI MINH CITY – DA LAT (Rest in the car)

Evening: The car and tour guide from the Vietnam Booking company will pick you up at the meeting point as scheduled. After settling down, the group will depart to Da Lat, starting the Da Lat tour 3 days 3 nights.

On the way, the tour guide will briefly explain the places the group will go. Guests will rest in the car and stop for snacks at the stops during the trip.


Morning: After arriving in Da Lat, the group will have breakfast at the Valley of the Lights. This place is famous for the “stairway to heaven” and “keyboard in the clouds” extremely magical (self-sufficient photography expenses). You can zoom your eyes to cover the charming scenery of Da Lat right here. 

Continuing the schedule for the Dalat tour 3 days and 3 nights, the tour guide will take visitors to visit and take pictures at the Hydrangea Flower Field. You will admire the colorful beauty of the hydrangea flowers. From there, visitors can create for themselves a very unique set of photos next to the flowers. In addition, visitors can also take pictures at interesting new places such as Golden Hand Bridge, Stairway to Heaven, Love Bridge, etc… 

After admiring the beauty of the flowers, the car and tour guide took the group to visit Linh Phuoc Pagoda – one of the most famous temples not to be missed when visiting Vietnam.

The temple with unique architecture in Da Lat.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is one of the most famous temples in Vietnam

Noon: Have lunch at the restaurant and move to the hotel to check in and rest.

Afternoon: Continue the tour of Da Lat 3 days 3 nights, you will visit and check in at the 3D World Museum of Painting Da Lat – The museum is known as the first realistic 3D film studio in Da Lat. Lat with more than 50 different scenes.

Continuing the journey of the Da Lat tour, the group came to visit and take photos at Lam Vien Square before back to the hotel.

Evening: Guests have dinner at their own expense and are free to explore Da Lat at night. At this time, visitors can sip a glass of hot milk next to the dimly lit valleys or enjoy typical dishes here.


Morning: Group has a buffet breakfast at the restaurant. After that, the car and tour guide took the group to visit Puppy Farm. Here, visitors will not escape the cuteness of the dogs. Along with that, visitors can also visit a high-tech tomato and strawberry garden, a clean vegetable area, and flower-filled hills in the sunshine.

Saying goodbye to lovely dogs, continue to move to visit Domaine De Marie Dalat Church one of the famous pink churches in Vietnam. Next, the delegation will visit the jam production facility. Here, visitors can freely shop for gifts for relatives and friends.

Noon: Have lunch at a local restaurant and rest at the hotel.

Afternoon: Continue the journey to Dalat when moving to Happy Hill Film Studio. Coming to this place, visitors can freely check in with countless virtual living corners meticulously designed and cared for.

Evening: Have dinner with a vegetable buffet at the restaurant. Evening free to explore Da Lat and rest at the hotel.


Morning: Have a buffet breakfast at the hotel and check out.

After that, the group went to Pongour Waterfall and start the journey to discover Nam Thien De Nhat Waterfall in the Dalat tour. 

Noon: After having lunch at the restaurant, visitors can listen to the story of the “Four Great Names of Tea”. Along with that, you can enjoy free tea and coffee and buy them as gifts for your loved ones. The delegation continued the journey back to Ho Chi Minh City.

Evening: Back to Ho Chi Minh City, the car will take you back to the original pick-up point. At the end of the Dalat tour 3 days 3 nights, the tour guide says goodbye and sees you again on the next journey.

NOTE: The order and details in the program may change to suit the actual situation, but still ensure enough attractions to visit!






(from 10 years old and up)


(from 5 to 9 years old)


(from 1 to 4 years old)

Every Thursday Night




**Children from 5 to 9 years old will have their meal and seat standards but must share a bed with their parents.

***Prices may change depending on the time of tour departure and on-demand services – Contact Hotline 1900 3398 for a detailed quote. 


  • Transportation: New cars shuttle throughout the journey (16-29 seats depending on the number of guests Vietnam Booking will arrange the car accordingly).
  • Accommodation: 2-star hotel near the center – Standard 2, 4 pax/room.
  • Meal:
    • 03 breakfasts.
    • 04 main meals according to the program.
  • Tickets to visit the places are included in the program.
  • Experienced tour guide, knowledgeable about local culture, dedicated and attentive service throughout the route.
  • Each guest is given 01 travel hat, 01 scented towels per day, and 01 bottle of Aquafina 500ml mineral water.
  • Travel accident insurance: Maximum compensation is 20 million VND/person/case.


  1. VAT 8%.
  2. Personal entertainment, drinks in meals, in hotels, and meals outside the program.
  3. Tips for drivers and guides
  4. Surcharge for foreigners and surcharge for a single room.


+ Child price is only applied when the number of children does not account for 10% of the total number of guests.

+ For health and food safety and hygiene reasons, please do not bring food from outside into the restaurant, or hotel. For drinks brought in must have the consent of the restaurant, and the hotel and be charged if any.



  • First deposit: 50% right after registering for the tour.
  • The rest is to be paid 7 days before departure. 
  • When registering for a tour, please carefully read the program, tour price, inclusions as well as not included in the program, and conditions for tour cancellation in the program. In case you do not come directly to register for the tour, but someone else comes to register, please carefully learn the program from the person who registered for you.

*Note: For tours that are registered close to the departure schedule from 03 to 05 days, please contact 1900 3398 to confirm the remaining seats and pay 100% of the value of the tour.


In case of service cancellation from Vietnam Booking:

If Vietnam Booking fails to perform the tour/service, the company must immediately notify the customer and pay the customer the full amount paid by the customer within 3 days from the time of official notification. Cancel the trip/travel service in the form of cash or transfer.

In case of service cancellation from customers:

If you cannot continue to use the service/tour, you must notify the Company in writing or by email (Do not handle the case of contact transfer/cancellation by phone). At the same time, please bring the Minutes of tour/service registration & payment receipt to the Vietnam Booking office for procedures to cancel/transfer the tour.

  • Cases of changing/changing services/tours: The company will base on considering the actual situation to charge and support customers.
  • In case of service/tour cancellation: You must bear the cost of tour/service cancellation by Vietnam Booking regulations and all bank fees for online payment.

Cancellation fees are as follows:

The cancellation of the trip must be notified directly to the Company or via fax, email, or text message and must be confirmed by the Company. Cancellations by phone are not accepted.

The days of deposit, payment, cancellation, and rescheduling: excluding Saturday and Sunday.

On the date of the appointment pay 100% of the tour value, if you do not make the payment on time and with the correct amount, it will be considered that you voluntarily cancel the tour and lose all the reservation deposit.


  • On departure day, please gather at the designated pick-up point. 
  • At the end of the tour, Vietnam Booking will drop off guests at a single point, the Hanoi Opera House. Please take a taxi to your hotel or accommodation by yourself.
  • In case there are 6 or fewer passengers on the departure day, the driver can act as a guide. These are experienced drivers who know the route and local culture.
  • As a mountain tour, often traveling by small car, it is recommended that you do not bring bulky, or oversized and do not carry a lot of luggage. Should bring backpacks instead of carrying hard suitcases. 
  • There are options to sleep at a homestay to increase the experience with the mountain tour. It is recommended that you bring personal items to use when staying at the Homestay (if necessary).
  • We are not responsible for your late arrival.
  • You must bring a legal identification document (ID card or Passport).
  • If you are a vegetarian, please bring more vegetarian food to ensure your taste.
  • Any service in the tour, if you do not use it, will not be refunded.
  • The tour guide has the right to rearrange the order of attractions to suit the conditions of each specific departure date, but still ensure all attractions in the program.
  • You should bring insect repellent, common cold medicine, or medicines prescribed separately.

 (*) Customer Responsibilities:

  • Customers are solely responsible for their health and chronic diseases (cardiovascular, blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, etc.), congenital diseases, underlying diseases, HIV AIDS, mental and neurological disorders, pregnant women… are diseases not covered by insurance. When necessary, you must write a commitment about your illness when participating in the tour. The tour organizer is not responsible for cases where you do not declare your illness, or declare dishonestly as well as cases outside the scope of travel insurance on the tour.
  • Customers must take care of their property in all cases and all places during the trip. The tour organizer is not responsible for the loss of money, valuables, airline tickets, and the customer’s private property during the trip.

**In objective cases such as terrorism, natural disasters… or due to incidents, changes in the schedule of public transport such as airplanes, and trains… Vietnam Booking will retain the right to change the route at any time for the convenience and safety of customers and will not be responsible for compensation for damages incurred**.

***If the number of participants does not meet the minimum number to depart, the Company will support you in moving to the nearest departure date and notify you in advance or refund the tour fee as a deposit for you. ***

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