Hanoi ranks among the top culinary destinations in the world

03/02/2023 huynhle

Readers of the world’s largest travel platform Tripadvisor have voted Vietnam’s capital Hanoi as one of the world’s top culinary destinations in 2023.

Why is Hanoi of the top culinary destinations in the world?

This ranking is based on the reviews posted by travelers over the past 12 months on TripAdvisor. Accordingly, the city that is voted the most by tourists in Rome (Italy). The Italian capital attracts tourists with delicious dishes such as pasta, gelato ice cream, and fried artichoke flowers. The second place belongs to Crete (Greece). In third place is Hanoi.

With many typical dishes, the capital of Vietnam is attracting more and more tourists, especially gourmets from all over the world. Famous delicacies in Ha Noi include bun cha, Trang Tien ice cream, and milk coffee, which have received 4 to 4.5 ratings on Tripadvisor.

Many foreigners who come to Hanoi have taken advantage of the opportunity to enjoy rustic dishes on the streets of the thousand-year-old capital. Walking around the old town, visitors can find various attractive options at affordable prices.

According to this page, in addition to the rich cuisine, Ha Noi also has beautiful landscapes and warm people. This ranking also confirms the value of Hanoi’s culinary culture on the world tourist map.

Going deep into the high position of Hanoi cuisine, readers and Tripadvisor page have also suggested many famous dishes and restaurants in the most popular tourist destination. All the delicious, familiar dishes of the capital appear in the naming list of this tourism platform.

The first is “bun cha Obama,” the dish that the former US president and the late chef Anthony Bourdain had at a popular restaurant in Hanoi. After that event, the reputation of the bun cha restaurant spread worldwide, and tourists from all over the world came to see bun cha as one of the must-try dishes when coming to Hanoi.

The fever of bun cha contributes to bringing Hanoi to the top culinary destinations in the world

The fever of bun cha contributes to bringing Hanoi to the top culinary destinations in the world

Next is Giang coffee shop, which is famous for its sweet egg coffee. Vietnam is one of the ideal destinations for coffee lovers. It is easy for visitors to find delicious coffees in Hanoi, but to enjoy the difference, egg coffee is always the first choice.

Pho Ly Quoc Su is also present in the top suggestions. For a long time, this place has always been an heirloom dish that has “heartbroken” many diners. The unique part is the broth and the delicious and soft pho flavor mixed with the delightful chewy beef.

Pho is a famous dish not to be missed in Vietnam

Pho is a famous dish not to be missed in Vietnam

There are also many dishes, such as bread and Southern beef noodle soup, also suggested by the diners. These dishes all have a lot of positive reviews on the platform and receive many surprisingly high-rated stars.

Foreign guests praise Hanoi cuisine

Many times Hanoi delicacies have been honored internationally. Recently, the US travel site Travel + Leisure has also honored Vietnam as the destination with the most beautiful culinary scene in Asia in the Bucket List Places in Asia in 2023.

The site also recommends that the best places to explore in Vietnam are Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. There are several must-try dishes in Vietnam, including pho, banh mi, and banh cuon. The best time to visit the country is from November to March – when the weather is pleasant, not too hot or cold, and not torrential rain or stormy days.

Tripadvisor’s annual Best of the Best award under Travelers’ Choice demonstrates that the Vietnamese capital is still “standing throughout the years”, maintaining traditional landmarks and architecture while creating a place for new growth. It awards rate places worldwide based on traveler reviews collected over 12 months, from November 1 to October 31. Furthermore, within the context of the award, Hanoi is regarded as one of the 25 most famous destinations worldwide.

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