Khe Ca – Ha Long’s perforated mountain is an exciting destination for young people

02/02/2023 huynhle

Many people associate the puncture mountain with the god eye mountain in Cao Bang, but not many know Khe Ca – a comparable structure can be found right in the heart of Ha Long City. It is a perforated mountain similar to the famous one in Cao Bang. This place has attracted many tourists to Ha Long.

Khe Ca (Ha Long) is popular with many tourists recently

This sharp peak is known as Khe Ca mountain because it is located along the road with the same name in Ha Phong ward, 10 kilometres along the sea border, in the direction of Cam Pha, from Ha Long City’s central square.

According to the National Administration of Tourism’s website, Khe Ca is a massive limestone mountain that originated around 250-280 million years ago alongside the development of Ha Long Bay. The hill’s current height results from multiple up-and-down movements from the continent to a sea depression and a long period of accretion. The mountain hole is a flattened oval natural cave with a diameter of almost 20 meters, located about 50 meters above the national highway.

Khe Ca is in the middle of a natural grey-white bow-shaped limestone mountain range. The top of the hill and the mouth of the cave are covered with rare and precious plants typical of Ha Long, such as the golden lotus flower, purple rhododendron, mountains, and wild vines. People plant apples blended with mango, banana, and casuarina at the foot of the hill, creating a green zone.

Locals claim that this mountain has been present for a long time, but only a few visitors are aware of its presence because it is off Highway 18. This location has grown in popularity since Quang Ninh inaugurated the Ha Long – Cam Pha sea route in 2022, which runs across the mountain, and a real estate project developed homes directly on Khe Ca street with mountain views. Visitors are aware and come to check in.

Khe Ca has similarities with Cao Bang's perforated mountain

Khe Ca has similarities with Cao Bang’s perforated mountain

On the 5th day of Tet, Mr. Tran Dinh Huy (29 years old, from Dong Nai) was traveling with his family in Quang Ninh for a spring vacation. He said: “My family and I were headed to a hot mineral spa when we just happened to cross this mountain. I think only Cao Bang had perforated mountains, I had no idea that there were also such beautiful mountains in Quang Ninh.” It is handy for tourists to stop and snap photographs of the mountain because it is so close to the sea boundary.

Ms. Vu Thu Ha (28 years old, from Quang Ninh) claimed that despite having visited Ha Long frequently, she had never before heard of the mountain that had been perforated. “From a distance, the mountain appears like a mystical eye, surrounded by limestone peaks and little streams overgrown with reeds. The scenery is pleasing.” She spoke.

Although there is a trail to climb up to the cave, because the mountain is owned by private land and is close to the military area of ​​the Quang Ninh mobile police battalion, the hill cannot be exploited to visit and use fly cams. A resident said that the back of the mountain is a small valley planted with fruit trees and a natural freshwater lake.

Tourists from Ha Long City should follow the sea border towards Cam Pha, use Google Maps to show the way to Lamera Khe Ca Ha Long, then follow Minh Khai road to the side left of the urban area to get the most expansive and direct space with the mountain cave. It will allow them to take stunning pictures of the punctured mountain.