Son Doong cave is one of the world’s top 10 incredible caves

10/01/2023 huynhle

Son Doong Cave in the central province of Quang Binh was named one of the ten “most amazing caverns in the world” by the Canadian magazine The Travel.

What does The Travel say about Son Doong cave?

On January 4, the Canadian travel magazine The Travel issued a list of the ten most spectacular caves in the world, recommending them for guests’ next vacation. The caverns chosen by the experts all have common qualities, such as bringing beauty to surprise you and specializing in discovery experiences and are all areas where excursions can be booked.

Vietnam is represented on the list alone by Son Doong cave. Son Doong, situated in Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park, attracted notice when it initially became a tourist destination in 2013. It is one of the biggest caverns in the world. According to a Canadian magazine, Son Doong is Vietnam’s “unique” cave.

Son Doong is known as Mountain Cave to foreign tourists (River Mountain Cave). The cave was created when the Rao Thuong River eroded through the Truong Son limestone mountains’ foothills. After merging mountains and rivers, a large tunnel was formed beneath the cliffs.

Son Doong is one of the world's top ten most incredible caves

Son Doong is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam

The trees, the jungle-like mushrooms within the cave, the stalactites, tall stalagmites, sinkholes, and cave pearls will enchant guests when they come. According to The Travel’s travel experts, the hike through the forest and over the river must take at least two days.

Oxalis Adventure offers the four-day, three-night trip of Son Doong at the cost of $3,000, but it requires permission from the management board of Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park. Only 1,000 visitors are allowed to explore the cave annually for environmental reasons, and it is available only between January and August.

With the help of a guide, trekkers may kayak in rivers both above and below ground and climb a 90-meter-high wall known as “The Great Wall of Vietnam” using ropes and ladders. They can even explore unusual underground jungles.

Other representatives of Asia in the top 10 incredible caves

Besides Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, and China are also on The Travel’s list of the most incredible caves.

Reed Flute (China)

Reed Flute Cave is made up of unique limestone rocks and colorful lights. Located in China’s Guilin district, it derives its name from a type of reed that grows outside caves, used to carve melodious flutes. It is known locally as “Nature’s Art Palace” or “Crystal Palace.” 

Reed Flute has been a fascinating sight-seeing for thousands of years in China

Reed Flute has been a fascinating sight-seeing for thousands of years in China

Tham Lod (Thailand)

Located in Northern Thailand, this site is famous worldwide for its intricate carvings. An ancient Thai tribe handcrafts these carvings. This breathtaking cave, nestled deep in the forest, has many murals, ancient coffins, unique rock formations, stalactites, stalagmites, and three other pine caves that are well worth exploring, including Column Cave, Doll Cave and Coffin Cave.

Tham Lod cave represents Thailand in the list of the most incredible caves in the world

Reed Flute Cave is made up of unique limestone rocks and colorful lights

Batu (Malaysia)

The Batu Caves are a collection of limestone caverns in the Gombak area of Malaysia that were created by the erosion of the Batu River. In the past, ancient cultures used these caverns as a refuge. Today, Hindu temples still stand in this area. The most striking feature of this temple is the tallest statue of Murugan in the world with a height of 140 feet. The chain of caves includes the Museum Cave and the Art Gallery Cave, located at the foot of the hill. There are also various Hindu paintings and sculptures here.

Batu represents Malaysia in top stunning caves

Batu represents Malaysia in top stunning caves

If having the opportunity, please stop by Son Doong cave to explore.

(According to The Travel)