8 Travel trends that will emerge globally in 2023

09/01/2023 huynhle

Here are the travel trends that Travel & Leisure predicted will be prevalent in 2023. This conclusion was reached after polling more than 24,000 tourists, professionals, and travel writers from 32 nations. Let’s find out the detail with dideden.com.


Getting out of your comfort zone, traveling for cuisine experiences, nostalgic style, finding inner peace or stress reduction are some travel trends expected to explode in 2023.

1. Nostalgic style

Compared to the previous year, 73% of respondents are more upbeat about traveling. 88% want a trip that makes them reflect on the past. More than half (54%) of respondents wish to see family members or arrange a family vacation, and 61% are interested in visiting conventional theme parks.

2. Cuisine experiences

People will also make vacation plans in 2023 to sample local cuisine and take local cooking instructions from locals. 47% of poll participants stated that trying strange and distinctive foods that few others are willing to try is their top priority when traveling.

3. Inner peace 

One of many travel trends in 2023 is finding inner peace. 42% of vacationers desire trips centred on enhancing their physical and emotional well-being, including getaways that can help menopause and pregnancy remain stable

44% of respondents will participate in spiritually connected experiences such as signing up for meditation, yoga, prayer retreats, and holistic wellness.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

In 2023, 73% of travelers tend to get out of their comfort zone. 38% want to go to places that are different from where they live. Visitors also want to improve themselves and learn many new things, such as survival skills, through the trip.

5. Work remotely while traveling

Young travelers are drawn to a new travel trend that involves traveling while working remotely. It is an application for a long-term visa in a nation, coming there to work virtually while traveling to your home country. Asian nations like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are concentrating on luring this kind of traveler by offering golden visas, which facilitate extended stays.

Remote employees still want to communicate with their coworkers. They anticipate that the organization will plan getaways so individuals may journey together and forge friendships. Respondents support this proposal to the tune of 44%.

Traveling while working remotely is one the travel trends of 2023

Traveling while working remotely is one of the travel trends of 2023

6. Immerse themself in nature

We rely more on technology for amusement due to global shutdowns during which so many people were prohibited from leaving their homes or traveling.

Staying at home for so long during the epidemic created a trend to want to immerse yourself in nature again during this year’s outings. 55% of tourists say they want a wholly disconnected vacation from the outside, without internet or phone signal.

58% of respondents anticipate using the holidays in 2023 to pick up life skills, and more individuals seek exceptional experiences. These include the ability to gather clean water, make fire, obtain food in the wild and even get ready for the end of the world.

7. Relax and stress reduction

Additionally, 2023 will be the year when individuals prioritize relaxation and stress reduction when on vacation. 66% of respondents said they would prefer not to work while traveling. 59% of people claim that visiting new places will increase their productivity when they get back.

8. Economic tourism

Additionally, the economic tourism travel trend will rule in 2023. Tourists are becoming more frugal with their money because of the pandemic and the financial crisis. 

According to 68% of respondents, they are prepared to forego expenses like stays at opulent hotels instead of concentrating only on the experience. Additionally, visitors are increasingly concerned with finding excellent bargains and ways to save money. However, 50% of tourists feel that spending on vacations is still a high priority despite the current energy and economic challenges.

People tend to travel thriftily in 2023

People tend to travel thriftily in 2023

These are travel trends that will grow strongly in 2023. It is expected that tourist destinations that match the above styles will attract many visitors.

(According to Travel + Leisure, VnExpress)