A list of underrated places in Asia: Vietnam has 2 representatives

12/01/2023 huynhle

CNN has just written an article naming the 18 most underrated places in Asia. The report listed many destinations that only a few international tourists are interested in, but the reality shows that they need to be recognized and known more widely. Vietnam is represented by two destinations that are well-known to local travellers but still uncommon to travellers from other countries.

CNN lists Da Lat and Lan Ha Bay among underrated places in Asia

Asia has more than 40 countries with many globally famous destinations, from significant buildings such as Angkor Wat and the Taj Mahal to bustling cities such as Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong or the stunning beaches of Bali and Phuket.

However, there are places where foreign tourists have not had the opportunity to go but are “treasures” because of less noise and beautiful scenery. CNN conducted a survey and came up with a list of 18 destinations in Asia that are not well-known to many international travellers.

In the list of 18 Asia’s underrated places by CNN, Vietnam has 2 representatives: Lan Ha Bay and Da Lat.

Lan Ha Bay

According to the article, Ha Long Bay in northern Vietnam, which UNESCO recognizes as a World Natural Heritage, is too famous worldwide. This destination has long been popular for both budget and luxury travel. But visitors who want to walk on the more deserted water should visit Lan Ha Bay and get a similar experience.

Numerous trips are available to discover Lan Ha. Most guests go from Hanoi or Hai Phong by bus or vehicle. To visit the white sand beaches and caverns of Lan Ha Bay, tourists set out from Cat Ba Island.

Visitors coming to this place will be immersed on a yacht in the peaceful sea waters divided by towering limestone islands. Visitors can enjoy the bay’s beauty during the day on a kayak, canoe or overnight on a cruise ship. The Cai Beo fishing hamlet, regarded as the oldest in Vietnam and a living museum of the nation’s fishing tradition, is one of Lan Ha’s attractions.

Many people ignore Lan Ha because of the popularity of Ha Long

Many people ignore Lan Ha because of the popularity of Ha Long

Da Lat

In addition, Vietnam also has another destination that foreign tourists should be aware of is the foggy city – Da Lat

CNN said that Da Lat has fresh mountain air and cool pine forests. This city in the Central Highlands of Vietnam is extremely popular with domestic tourists but still on the list of underestimated places in Asia due to limited transport infrastructure and tourism services.

With its beauty, Dalat deserves more attention from foreign tourists. At an altitude of 1,500m above sea level, cool weather is the strength of this city. Compared to other destinations in Southeast Asia, Dalat has a tremendous competitive advantage in terms of climate.

Located in the middle of the city is the romantic Xuan Huong Lake. Da Lat possesses the beauty of interwoven French colonial and modern architecture that impress international tourists, such as Crazy House by architect Dang Viet Nga. Da Lat also has beautiful pristine waterfalls hidden by the mountains and colourful flower houses. And yet, DaLat is always an ideal destination with many exciting activities for couples, honeymoon tourists or nature lovers.

It's surprising that Da Lat is on the list of underrated places

It’s surprising that Da Lat is on the list

In addition, on CNN’s list, there are other destinations such as Ipoh (Malaysia), Isaan (Thailand), Leshan – Teng Chong (China), Skardu (Pakistan), Nikko (Japan), Davao (Philippines), Meghalaya (India), Palau Ubin (Singapore), Samosir Island (Indonesia), Pakse (Laos), Bangladesh, Gogunsan (South Korea), Kenting (Taiwan), Banteay Chhmar (Cambodia), Jaffna (Sri Lanka).

After reading this essay, you may want to think about visiting these underestimated locations.

(According to CNN Travel)