One of the world’s best tourism villages is in Vietnam

13/01/2023 huynhle

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has just published a list of 32 destinations worldwide as “Best Tourism Villages of 2022“. Included in the list is the Thai Hai ecological stilt village reserve of Vietnam. 

About Thai Hai – Vietnam’s sole representative in the list of best tourism villages

Thai Hai Ecological Ethnic Stilt Village Conservation Area is the first private tourist area of Thai Nguyen to be recognized as a local tourist destination. It is a stilt house-style reserve imbued with the culture of the Nung and Tay ethnic groups.

Visitors coming here will be immersed in the lush green nature with rustic, soulful people in indigo clothes, listen to smooth Then singing tunes, and enjoy the unique dishes of the village.  This place is an attractive destination for resort tourism, picnics, and community tourism to experience life, cuisine, and unique traditional cultural identity.

Thai Hai eco-ethnic stilt house village has up to 25 hectares of land with mountains, trees, flowers, and enormous lakes, as well as 30 centuries-old stilt houses. These stilt houses are all from ATK Dinh Hoa – Thai Nguyen area and have been restored to preserve and promote in the best way. Around the stilt house is a hilly scene, a peaceful green space.

Thai Hai surprisingly appeared in the list of best tourism villages

Thai Hai surprisingly appeared in the list of best tourism villages

Some outstanding achievements of the Thai Hai Ecological Ethnic Stilt Village Conservation Area:

  • It was honoured to be selected as one of the official venues of the second Thai Nguyen Tea Festival in Vietnam in 2013.
  • There have been visitors from more than 30 countries and regions around the world coming to this place.
  • On major holidays, Thai Hai used to welcome up to 2,000 people a day to visit and enjoy the food.
  • Thai Hai has been trusted to attend many big events of the country such as: “The Spring Festival in all regions of the country”
  • Attending the International Food Festival organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Together with Thai Nguyen attended the Northeast Festival, and achieved high achievements.
  • Its green tea was honoured to be selected as the only green tea served at the 1st Asia Pacific Poetry Festival and selected to serve the Tea Culture Festival at the Thai Nguyen Tea Festival.

About the prestigious “Best tourism villages of 2022”

Presented by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, the award recognizes rural destinations that welcome tourism as an opportunity for job creation, income generation, and community preservation. Additionally, the prize recognizes communities that are dedicated to innovation, sustainable growth in all spheres of economic, social, and environmental life, and tourist development in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In 2022, a total of 136 villages were considered for nomination for the award by 57 UNWTO member states. Of these, 32 villages from 18 countries around the world were recognized and awarded. 

A set of criteria is used to evaluate tourism villages by an independent Advisory Board, including cultural and natural resources, cultural preservation and promotion resources, economic, social, and environmental sustainability, tourism development and value chain integration, tourism management and prioritization, infrastructure, connectivity, health, safety and security.

This is a meaningful award for the rural community

This is a meaningful award for the rural community

Along with the 32 best tourism villages, another 20 villages will be selected to participate in an upgrade program. All 52 villages will form part of UNWTO’s Global Network of Best Tourism Villages (established in 2021, which has so far brought together 115 villages from five continents). The network offers several benefits including on-the-job and online training, experience sharing as well as increased international brand awareness and recognition.

According to the UNWTO, the award ceremony will take place in Saudi Arabia on February 27 – 28, 2023.

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