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Con Dao Travel Guide | Paradise Island Trip You Should Know

23/06/2023 Phuc Tran

Con Dao travel guide offers appealing destinations, tasty food, and other helpful information for your trip to this beautiful island. This is a well-known tourist spot for both domestic and international visitors. It is famous for being compared to a raw pearl, with the wild beauty of nature and the magnificent grandeur of the mountains.


Con Dao is a group of 16 primary and small islands in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. Con Dao is a tourist island with a 200-kilometer-long sea. This island offers numerous stunning clean beaches with a calm blue sea and vast stretches of smooth sand. Con Dao is one of the worthy places to visit in Vung Tau.

The air on the island is so clean that it has been compared to a resort paradise. Con Dao is not only a research facility for scientists but also a tourist destination with ecotourism activities. Because this location has ancient forests and a sea rich in wildlife.

Con Dao travel guide

Con Dao – Vietnam’s Hidden Paradise

Aside from spiritual tourism, many travelers know that Con Dao is a resort paradise, an attractive backpacking location with enough to discover. Con Dao travel guide suggests you should travel to this heaven island if you want to experience a new tourist spot with nature’s spectacular beauty.

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Dideden’s Con Dao travel guide recommends the best time to visit Con Dao is from March to September. Although it still rains, the sea is calm, and the wind is light in the Eastern and Northeastern islands.

Visitors should visit the isolated island with plenty of yellow sunshine and blue sky during the day. It will be an ideal time for diving and photography. This is also the season for Con Dao Island Turtles to lay eggs and hatch, which makes it an excellent time to visit Con Dao Island.

Con Dao travel guide - Best time to visit

The ideal time for traveling to Con Dao

Due to the North East wind, Con Son Island’s sea has big waves from October to the end of February. However, the sea surface is still gentle and less impacted by wind waves towards the West and Southwest of the island. You can go swimming at Dam Trau Beach or New Light Beach.

Con Dao travel guide believes that Con Dao Island is a suitable destination all year round. This charming island has been associated with spiritual tourism, and it is also a destination for experiencing rare wildlife and a delightful laid-back vacation.


By Plane

From Dideden’s Con Dao travel guide, the plane is the most efficient way to travel to Con Dao. Vietnam Airlines and Bamboo Airways operate direct flights from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, and Hanoi to Con Dao.

Vietnam Airlines’s flight routes:

A one-way flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao is about 1,300,000 VND (56.52 USD). From Can Tho, it costs approximately 1,700,000 VND (73.91 USD) to Con Dao and vice versa. Each flight takes about 55 minutes.

Bamboo Airways’s flight routes: 

Bamboo Airways currently operates a direct flight between Con Dao and Hanoi in around 2 hours and 30 minutes for 2,700,000 VND (117,39 USD) one way.

By Speedboat

If you don’t mind riding the speedboat to Con Dao, you can travel there by this transportation. Con Dao travel guide suggests using the railway from April to June when the sea is calmest. The trip time will be longer and an exciting experience. Nevertheless, you should avoid traveling during rough sea seasons if you are seasick. Speedboats leave Vung Tau, Can Tho, and Soc Trang daily to Con Dao.

1. From Vung Tau

Con Dao travel guide suggests you can choose Con Dao Express 36 for your trip from Vung Tau to Con Dao. Because this is the finest train and is Vietnam’s first 5-star speedboat with luxury cabins. It takes around 3 hours and 45 minutes to get to Con Dao.

The train from Vung Tau to Con Dao leaves at 8 a.m. and returns to the mainland at 1:30 p.m. The weekday rate is 660,000 VND (28.7 USD) per person, whereas the weekend rate is 880,000 VND (38.3 USD) per person.

Con Dao travel guide - Con Dao 36 Express

Con Dao Express 36

2. From Can Tho

The speedboat travels from Ninh Kieu Pier at 7 a.m., arrives at Tran De Port in Soc Trang after an hour, and docks at Ben Dam Port (Con Dao). It takes 3 to 4 hours, depending on the weather. The boat from Con Dao to the mainland departs at midday. The weekday ticket price is 610,000 VND (26.52 USD), and the weekend price is 690,000 VND (30.00 USD).

3. From Soc Trang

If you want to go to Con Dao in a shorter time the Con Dao travel guide recommends taking a speedboat from Tran De Port, Soc Trang. The speedboat leaves Soc Trang at 8 a.m. and travels for roughly 2 hours on one trip. The boat from Con Dao to the mainland departs at 1 p.m. The weekday ticket price is 320,000 VND (13.91 USD), and the weekend price is 350,000 VND (15.22 USD).


Con Dao has numerous friendly hotels and resorts for you to stay in, including some near the center and on the beach. It is suitable for getting to tourist attractions. Con Dao travel guide recommends the hotels and resorts listed below for a fantastic vacation.

Six Senses Con Dao Resort

  • Address: Bai Dat Doc, Con Dao, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

The Six Senses Con Dao is well-known for being one of the area’s most beautiful and luxurious resorts. This property is directly in the heart of Dat Doc Beach.

One of the resort’s most appealing features is its unique architectural design. Six Senses Con Dao offers an attractive balance between modern and traditional styles inspired by the fishing hamlet and the natural beauty of the sea and islands.

Con Dao travel guide - Six Senses Con Dao

Dream vacation with Six Senses Con Dao Resort

The resort’s construction materials, such as bamboo or wood, are entirely natural. Dideden’s Con Dao travel guide believes that staying at a location with both the blue sea in front of you and a big green forest surrounding it would be a fascinating and amazing experience!

Poulo Condor Boutique Resort & Spa

  • Address: Suoi Chili Hamlet, Con Dao, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Poulo Condor is a charming boutique resort hidden between two headlands on the island’s North coast. All of nature’s aspects can be found in one place: mountains, woods, rivers, lakes, and beaches. When visiting Con Dao, this resort provides a beautiful beach holiday.

The design is inspired by the harmonious combination of ancient Vietnamese traditional and French heritage elements. Poulo Condor Boutique Resort & Spa has built a resort space that is both modern and classic.

Con Dao travel guide - Poulo Condor

Meet your “Muse” Poulo Condor Boutique at Con Dao

Poulo Condor Con Dao promises to be an extremely worthwhile stopover for those who want to find a quiet and peaceful place to relax. Besides, if you’re going to have a great time with your family or partner, the Con Dao travel guide recommends this resort because of its quiet and fresh space.

Marina Bay Con Dao Hotel

  • Address: Nguyen Hue Street, Area 5, Con Dao, Ba Ria – Vung Tau.

Con Dao travel guide offers a popular hotel with a stunning view of the sea and infinite mountains which is ideal for seaside activities. That is Marina Bay Con Dao Hotel. As a hotel that owns a 5-star Con Dao resort with a massive investment, it has become a new and desirable location for many people visiting Con Dao.

Marina Bay Con Dao Hotel has a contemporary design with European architectural elements. This hotel is arranged in an L shape, so the rooms have a more diverse view and can accommodate various tourist needs. Private balconies are available in each room so guests can enjoy the view or breathe in the cool breeze.

Con Dao travel guide - Maria Bay Hotel

Paradise 5-star resort hotel

The hotel is opposite the beach, so it always has cool and natural air. Dideden’s Con Dao travel guide believes this will be an ideal spot for travelers who like the location near the sea.


Con Dao Beaches

Con Dao’s sea is clear, the wind is cold, and rows of green trees surround the beach. Con Dao travel guide proposes some beaches for Con Dao tourists.

1. Dam Trau Beach

Dideden’s Con Dao travel guide introduces you to Dam Trau Beach, one of the world’s top 25 most beautiful beaches. The beach is curved like a crescent moon, with beautiful white sand. Along the coast are rows of green trees shading to make the realistic picture of this place more romantic.

Dam Trau Beach is an essential destination on the Con Dao trip. When entering the sandy shore, the beach has a mild jade green tint, but it is enough to attract people. You can walk on the beach and watch the plane land at Con Dao airport to capture a stunning photo.

Con Dao travel guide - Dam Trau Beach

Check-in with the airplane near by you

Dam Trau Beach is a terrific site to see the sunset and enjoy activities like swimming. The vivid green colors of the seawater and grass “faded out” with time. Instead, the late-afternoon sun was bright yellow, orange-yellow, then crimson, burgundy. Con Dao travel guide advises you to raise your camera and take the most outstanding images possible. 

2. An Hai Beach

An Hai Beach is a must-see for any Con Dao travel guide. An Hai Beach is one of Con Dao’s most beautiful beaches which is popular for its proximity to the town and spectacular seascapes. This beach’s intertwining of fine white sand, scattered stones, and crystal blue sea has created a highly distinctive draw for travelers.

An Hai Beach is a beach that still retains the natural features that nature has bestowed on it and has not been destroyed or changed too much. The air here is incredibly pure, and the blue and clear sea makes it ideal for anyone looking to relieve stress and relaxation.

Con Dao travel guide - An Hai beach

Paradise Beach in Con Dao

Visitors to An Hai on the coast can also explore the pier located above the shore. This is where fishermen’s boats congregate to anchor. Dideden’s Con Dao travel guide suggests you should wake up early and watch the sunrise on this beach to capture the image of fishermen busy preparing for fishing activities.

3. Nhat Beach

Nhat Beach is one of Asia’s top 6 most beautiful and natural beaches. The beach lies 6 kilometers from the town of Con Dao to the southeast. Coming here, you will experience the wild, natural beauty of the sea and the surrounding environment.

The natural backdrop is pristine, with undulating stones protruding from the smooth sand. Nhat Beach is also an excellent location for watching the sunset. It’s stunning, and there are plenty of rocks where you can sit and watch the sunset behind the Peak of Love.

Con Dao travel guide - Nhat Beach

Nhat Con Dao Beach – Unexplored wild beauty

Con Dao travel guide encourages going on bright days because Nhat Beach would be more lovely and passionate. The sea’s heat or saltiness could not overshadow the emerald-green water. The ocean is blue here, and the mist glistening on the rocks creates a pleasant and fascinating beauty comparable to any other tourist destination.

The unique aspect is that Nhat Beach only emerges for a few hours per day. The fine white sand is uncovered when the tide recedes and at high tide. At that time, all of them are flooded, creating a sea of butts. If you don’t want to miss the gorgeous images here, you should note this information in your Con Dao travel guide!

4. Lo Voi Beach

Lo Voi Beach is another charming beach in Con Dao, around 12 kilometers from the airport. Lo Voi Beach is relatively tranquil, with bright blue water and vast stretches of pure white sand. This location features many green trees running down the coast which makes it ideal for picnics or sightseeing.

Dideden considers sunrise and sunset to be the most attractive times to visit Lo Voi Con Dao Beach. The crystal blue sea welcomes the first rays of the day, which will be exceedingly sparkling and brilliant as they awaken from their long sleep. There’s something fluttering as the sunset slowly falls into the water, bringing with it the news of the fading light and making time seem to stand still.

Con Dao travel guide - Lo Voi Beach

Beautiful natural and calm seascape at Lo Voi beach

Con Dao travel guide recommends visiting Lo Voi Beach between March and October. The waves are calm now, and the weather is ideal for scuba diving to observe the coral or taking a marine cruise to see egg-laying snails. It is advisable to avoid going from November to February because it is the wet and stormy season. Additionally, there are often large waves that interrupt the trip.

5. Suoi Nong Beach

Suoi Nong Beach is located deep in the mangrove forest. It is as beautiful as a vivid picture of tropical sea with flat white sand and a unique primeval forest ecosystem. According to the Con Dao travel guide of many travelers, you must cross a forest path to reach this pure and gorgeous beach.

When you visit Suoi Nong Con Dao, you can enjoy nature while caring for your health. The water at this beach is frequently warm, exceeding 50 degrees Celsius. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a sauna in the middle of a clear, serene open-air beach. Behind this beach is a mangrove habitat with lush trees and a mystical aura.

Con Dao travel guide - Suoi Nong Beach

Mysterious beach at Con Dao

The scenery here is still highly wild and has many natural elements. The sea water is pure and clean which makes it safe for you and your family. The mangrove system is attractive and wealthy which attracts visitors’ curiosity. It also helps to keep the air here cleaner and cooler due to the abundance of trees. Con Dao travel guide believes exploring this unique beach will be a new experience for you!

Historical Sites

1. Con Dao Prison

The Con Dao Prison system, which the Con Dao travel guide would like to show you, is one of 23 exceptional national monuments. This site is renowned as “Hell on Earth”, and it contains various solitary confinement chambers as well as tiger cages.

The French colonial authority erected Con Dao Prison in the first half of the 20th century. This is a place of exile and oppression for political activists, death row inmates, and organizations deemed harmful to the regime. During the Vietnam War, the US colonial authority used the prison once more.

Con Dao travel guide - Con Dao Prison

Con Dao Prison – Hell of Earth

Con Dao Prison is a memorial to the horrors committed during the conflict. It was reconstructed with statues, but visiting here made visitors emotional. When coming here, you will love more land in exchange for blood and bones to obtain independence.

To understand the cruelty of battle, you should visit each cell at Con Dao Prison once. A succession of horrible tortures and war crimes are depicted in dramatic detail. Dideden’s Con Dao travel guide recommends hiring a storyteller to learn more about the hidden corners of the war in this place. 

2. Con Dao Museum

Con Dao travel guide tells you this place is named for its stunning natural sceneries. It is also known as a heroic land related to the Vietnamese people’s heroic history. The Con Dao Museum is where these terrible and wonderful historical relics will be kept.

Con Dao Museum is a repository for relics condemning the harshness of colonial and imperial rulers toward revolutionary warriors. Furthermore, the museum serves as a repository for photos depicting the evolution of Con Dao’s land over time.

Con Dao travel guide - Con Dao Museum

Con Dao Museum – A place to keep historical evidence of Con Dao

Visitors to the Con Dao Museum can appreciate the portraits of historical heroes who served honorably in the two resistance wars against the colonialists in addition to the exhibits on show. Con Dao Museum, in particular, has a distinct room dedicated to displaying photographs of heroine Vo Thi Sau – the red land’s daughter.

What could be better than being immersed in nature while learning a profound historical story? Don’t forget to include this location in your Con Dao travel guide list!

Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park was established in 1993 in the province of Ba Ria-Vung Tau. It was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park in April 2023. This location serves as a “guardian god” of Con Dao, assisting in mitigating the effects of natural disasters such as storms and floods. 

The national park contains three typical tropical marine ecosystems: mangrove forest, grass ecosystem, and coral reef environment. It is home to 882 plant species, 144 animal species, and numerous types of Vietnam’s largest sea turtles.

Con Dao travel guide - Con Dao national park

Immerse yourself in the diversity of flora and fauna in Con Dao National Park

When visiting Con Dao National Park, you can see several unique corals and creatures listed in Vietnam’s Red Book. Here, you can freely research and learn about the ecology. Then why don’t you quickly write it down in your Con Dao travel guide?

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Van Son Tu (Nui Mot Pagoda)

Con Dao travel guide introduces you to a famous spirit place in Con Dao, which is Nui Mot Pagoda. Nui Mot Pagoda is another name for Van Son Pagoda in Con Dao. Nui Mot Pagoda features distinctive Asian Buddhist architecture and serves as a venue for indigenous people’s religious activities and spiritual visitors.

When leaning on Nui Mot, Van Son Tu Pagoda has a prime site. The sides around the pagoda provide a view of the sea, and the panoramic view of the town is breathtaking. To the South, there are enormous green mountains and forests. Con Son Bay and Con Dao town are to the East, and the vast An Hai lotus field lies to the North.

Con Dao travel guide - Nui Mot Pagoda

Van Son Tu – The sacred temple in Con Dao

After years of fire, war, and numerous restorations, Nui Mot Pagoda is currently a remarkable cultural, scenic, and historical work of Con Dao. People from the island and tourists alike frequently visit this site to pray in commemoration of heroes and martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice for their nation.


The schedule for your planned trip to Con Dao is almost complete. You also know the weather and your favorite Con Dao destination, but keep the following in your Con Dao travel guide for the ideal experience:

  • Con Dao’s weather is quite sunny, so bring a hat and sunglasses to avoid heatstroke.
  • If you wish to explore the forest, bring the following items: boots, a first aid kit in case of injury, snacks, and drinking water.
  • When visiting spiritual sites, remember to dress respectfully and discreetly, walk and speak softly and civilly.

Con Dao was once known as “hell on earth”, where the notorious Con Dao Prison was once. But Con Dao has now become one of the most attractive destinations. Dideden hopes that the detailed experiences from the Con Dao travel guide above will help you have an unforgettable vacation!

If you want more places to visit on Con Dao Island, you can visit Travel News and Vietnam e-Visa for more details. Or you can contact us at the Hotline at 1900 3398!