Fantastic Food in Ha Long Bay: Top 12 Must-try Dishes

27/06/2023 Trinh Lu

Vietnam’s Ha Long or Ha Long Bay is a beautiful vacation destination that is not too far from Ha Noi. The local cuisine is seafood, and the area’s white sand beaches and clear blue skies provide the ideal setting for a succession of delicious meals.

Let’s start from the beginning and go over all you need to know about Ha Long Bay, including the most well-liked food in Ha Long Bay. These are the most typical inquiries that Dideden recommends for you for a better trip while visiting Ha Long Bay.


Cha Muc (Grilled Chopped Squid)

It is Cha Muc that Dideden thinks you must try when considering what food in Ha Long Bay to eat. Although the phrase Cha Muc may not sound particularly enticing, this Ha Long Bay specialty is definitely more mouthwatering than its name implies!

Food in Ha Long - Grilled chopped squid

Cha Muc is a signature food in Ha Long Bay, that you must try when visiting here.

Cooks produce a squid sausage out of Cha Muc as well as a squid cake. It is a rice cake prepared with rice flour and much more than simply Cha Muc. It’s a great starchy two-biter!

Xoi Trang Cha Muc (Sticky rice with grilled chopped squid)

If you have already tried Cha Muc, then let’s try Xoi Trang Cha Muc. Xoi Trang Cha Muc is another must-try food in Ha Long Bay. Served with fish sauce and pepper, sticky rice and Cha Muc are a delicious breakfast or lunch option.

Food in Ha Long - Sticky rice with grilled chopped squid

Xoi Trang Cha Muc is the best choice for breakfast and food in Ha Long Bay.

The usual cost of a dish is between 15,000 VND and 20,000 VND. However, you may pay as little as 250,000 VND for Cha Muc.

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Banh Cuon Cha Muc (Pancake with grilled chopped squid)

Since Cha Muc is famous for food in Ha Long Bay, it is served as a variable kind of food. Food in Ha Long Bay is often served with the well-known Cha Muc. “Banh Cuon Cha Muc” which is filled with meat, mushrooms, fungus, shredded meat, and onion-scented creates an unforgettable flavor. It is available beside the Bach Dang Cinema in Ha Long Bay.

Food in Ha Long - Pancake with grilled chopped squid

Banh Cuon Cha Muc is a dish that has a combination of 3 elements: squid cake, banh cuon, and dipping sauce.

Mon Ngan (Ngan dish)

Mon Ngan is a kind of krill that inhabits mangrove estuaries and is well-liked around the coast of Northern Vietnam, especially in Quang Ninh Province.

Tourists should come and try this special seafood that can only be found in Ha Long Bay. When visiting Ha Long Bay, don’t forget to try Ngan as a list of your must-try food in Ha Long Bay. You can try a variety of Ngan foods, including stir-fried noodles, stir-fried veggies, boiled porridge, and grilled dishes.

Food in Ha Long - Ngan dish

“Ngan”, which in Vietnamese means “tasteless” is really quite tasty and leaves a subtle, pleasant aftertaste.

The most well-known and distinctive Ngán product as well as that most male travelers like is Ngan wine. This wine is produced using an odd mixture of rice wine and Ngan blood.

Ngan wine, in contrast to Western beverages, delivers a unique delicacy with an unusual flavor. In Cai Ram or Vuon Dao marketplaces, Ngan goods are widely available. In Ha Long Bay, Ngan meals can be found anywhere from street food to seafood restaurants.

Bun Xao Ngan (Noodles with mud clams)

Together with the Mon Ngan, Bun Xao Ngan (Noodles with mud clams) is another food in Ha Long Bay that is made with Ngan. Although they go with the unattractive name of “mud clams,” these lovely creatures are properly cleaned before cooking and are really delectable. Especially when combined with glass noodles and fish sauce, so it is so good to try Bun Xao Ngan in Ha Long Bay

Food in Ha Long - Bun Xao Ngan

Bun Xao Ngan are delicious food in Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh that is hard to be confused with any other dishes

These noodles are pleasantly sticky and chewy and a classic in Ha Long Bay as well as being well-liked around Ha Long Bay. This dish is a specialty of Ha Long Bay’s street cuisine, and it’s one of those meals that you can’t stop searching for. Dideden recommends it for you to try, but it is not sure that it tastes so fit with you. However, Bun Xao Ngan is delicious, and they taste even better with some live clams!

Sa Sung (Sipunculus – Marine peanut worms)

Sa Sung is known as one of the strangest food in Ha Long Bay. Deep in the sand along the coastal dunes of Quan Lan Island and Van Don Island, there is a type of sea worm called a sipunculid.

Due to its extreme rarity, Sa Sung is highly costly. Frequently, Sa Sung costs between 3 and 4 million VND per kilogram (around 2 pounds). Despite of expensive price, Sa Sung is still a popular food in Ha Long Bay. And it is tried by many tourists when they come to Ha Long Bay. Moreover, it had been used since antiquity to pay homage to kings and mandarins.

Food in Ha Long - Sa Sung

Sa Sung is a unique food and was known as a specialty of the king in ancient times.

Even while Sa Sung is still difficult to obtain in Ha Long Bay, it is now frequently supplied to everyone. To go well with the tastes of mustard and chili salt, Sa Sung can be dried until it turns dark brown before being grilled or fried with garlic spikes. It is among the top activities in Ha Long Bay that you just must attempt. Take advantage of this Ha Long Bay specialty and try much more food in Ha Long Bay!

Sam Bien (Horseshoe crab)

Sam Bien, an arthropod crustacean, is another alluring feature of Ha Long Bay. From this kind of seafood, people may prepare a variety of mouthwatering and unique meals.

The fresh Sam Bien is used in a range of recipes, from crab salad to stir-fries topped with fried eggs and served with sticky rice. All of these ingredients are cooked with lemongrass and other aromatics.

Food in Ha Long - Sam

When you think of what food in Ha Long Bay to eat, Sam Bien is the best choice.

Since Sam Bien is a local delicacy, it is accessible and reasonably priced. But when prepared properly, they provide a banquet fit for a king. There is no question that this is a genuine treat! The shellfish that resembles a helmet is delicious.

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Bun Be Be (Noodles with mantis shrimp)

When you visit Ha Long Bay, you will be served noodles since it is one of the feature dishes of Vietnamese people. Although they may be created in a variety of ways and take on a different form here, you should try them with mantis shrimp on top.

Food in Ha Long - Sam

The combination of noodles and toppings gives the finished product a simple yet full of nutrients and mouth-watering food in Ha Long Bay.

The delicacy, called Bun Be Be, is a soft crustacean that is cooked to exquisite perfection. Moreover, the dishes add a sea salt taste to a rich and creamy pig bone broth. A colorful mix of vegetables, fresh herbs, a spicy sauce, and other delicacies are then added to the dish as a topping.

Ca Ham (Whole Steamed Fish)

You now understand that the main focus of Ha Long City and Ha Long Bay is seafood. Additionally, even though clams, oysters, lobsters, and prawns are ridiculously popular, don’t forget to get some steamed fish sometimes.

Local dishes in Ha Long Bay are prepared in a number of different ways. The kind of fish may change, but the preparation is always the same. Prepare yourself for fresh, pearly white fish that tastes, unlike any other fish, along with some vegetables and seasonings.

  • Grilled fish – People in this area are certainly skilled at steaming fish, and if you like a grilled one. They can even grill it.
  • Fish Stews – There are several ways to make use of the local dishes in Ha Long Bay, including using fish to make mouthwatering soups and oatmeal, topping noodles with it, and filling spring rolls.

Banh Gat Gu (Gat Gu Cake)

Banh Gat Gu, a unique cake that tastes like a steamed folded rice pancake, is another oddly named item on the list of the top 12 famous food in Ha Long Bay.

Although the cake’s primary component is the same rice powder used to create pho, it has a distinct flavor unique to Quang Ninh cuisine. Vietnamese for “nodding repeatedly” is “Gat Gu” which refers to how everyone can’t stop nodding when they see the cake.

Food in Ha Long - Gat Gu Cake

It is only in Ha Long where you can try Banh Gat Gu. This makes the cake become a unique food in Ha Long.

The ideal accompaniments for Banh Gat Gu are fish sauce, minced pig, fresh chile, fried onion, and a container for storing meat. You could taste the pork pie’s oily scent and the softness of bread as you bit into the cake.

Without a certain, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to sample this local delicacy in Quang Ninh province, particularly the most well-known kind in Tien Yen. On your journey to Ha Long Bay, you should give making your own Banh Gat Gu a shot if you want something intriguing and tough to do.

Ruou Nep Ngam Hoanh Bo (Hoanh Bo soaked wine rice)

Glutinous rice, a characteristic of the area, is used to make wine. Sticky rice is cooked without pounding, then it is incubated. People consume fermented leaves from the Hoanh Bo forest that have been thoroughly soaked and fermented.

Food in Ha Long - Hoanh Bo soaked wine rice

Hoang Bo-soaked wine rice has a sweet and sour taste, is mild, and does not cause headaches after drinking.

After fermenting for a very long period, the leaves convert into alcohol, which is then placed into jars for gradual consumption. A great way to promote digestion is with Hoanh Bo-soaked rice wine, which is sour and just a little bit sweet.

Ga Loi Am Nuong (Loi Am grilled chicken)

The chicken at Loi Am is not to be missed, even if you never thought you’d go to Halong Bay simply for the grilled chicken. This chicken is on another level, especially for the unique sauce they use to coat the bird. It is flavorful, crispy, smokey, and tender.

Food in Ha Long - Ga Loi Am Nuong

Ga Loi An Nuong is one of the famous food in Ha Long Bay.

You won’t feel hungry while enjoying the day if you choose to eat this quick lunch option. This hearty dish is simple to prepare and is served with a side of sticky rice. Even so, it’s well-executed and is certain to make you grin.


Local seafood restaurants may be found all across Ha Long City and the populated islands of Ha Long Bay. These restaurants serve a previously mentioned food to eat in Ha Long Bay. Find out where you can eat by reading Dideden’s travel news.

In the Bai Chay neighborhood of Ha Long City, there are several seafood Ha Long Bay restaurants, as well as street food and night markets. Because many Ha Long Bay restaurants put lots of pictures of their most beloved dishes outside the restaurants. Therefore, keep an eye out for pictures of items you want to try.

In conclusion, you can find other famous food in Ha Long Bay with a variety of prawns, lobster, white pearl shrimp, tiger shrimp, oysters, and other seafood. You’ll be delighted with the high-quality seafood offered in Ha Long Bay restaurants. Try the top 12 famous food in Ha Long Bay to make your holiday memorable. And don’t forget to enjoy your vacation to Ha Long Bay with Dideden!

Are you starting to get a little hungry right about now? At one of the best restaurants in Ha Long, dig into some of the tastiest restaurants around and explore many local foods in Ha Long Bay.

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