Ha Long Bay Diving and Snorkeling – Top 5 Best Dive Sites

30/06/2023 Trinh Lu

If you are an underwater lover, you may enjoy the ocean, and Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling. So, this is a must-do activity in Ha Long Bay when you travel to this region. Ha Long Bay is a fantastic diving location because of its ideal circumstances, including clear water. Moreover, it also has jade-green seas, calm waves, and complex marine ecology.

The travel guide below will help show you all things to know about Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling. Briefly, it will include the most beautiful spots for Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling, when it’s best to do it. Besides, is our significant suggestions, whether you are a novice or an experienced snorkeling enthusiast.


Untouched beauty

Unlike other well-known snorkeling locations in Vietnam, Ha Long Bay mainly keeps its unpolluted marine ecosystem. Additionally, most coral reefs are located on unspoiled islands and limestone karsts. You may enjoy the beauty without having to worry about finding garbage or other trash.

Impressive coral reefs

A large number of colorful coral reefs may be seen in Ha Long Bay. The majority of them are located close to Lan Ha Bay, Trai Cave, Van Gio Island, Cat Ba Island, and Cong Do Island. Only Cat Ba Island has had 193 different types of coral discovered by scientists, of which 166 are hard corals and 27 are soft and horn corals.

Ha Long Bay Diving and Snorkeling - Coral reefs

Diving and Snorkeling in Ha Long Bay to explore the beauty of coral reefs

Diverse underwater ecosystems and shallow waters

Shallow waters and a diverse underwater ecology are features of Ha Long Bay. Stunning coral reefs there are also home to a variety of fish, crustaceans, starfish, and other sea life. You may get a variety of stunning images of marine life without going far into the ocean bottom, thanks to the shallow seas and the dense concentration of coral reefs.

Good for your physical health

Finally, participating in sports will give beginners the chance to put their strength and all of their muscles to the test.

  • Scuba diving can help with weight loss and give you a stronger body.
  • Swimming is good for the heart because it raises the heart rate and strengthens the heart muscle. It helps to avoid cardiac issues including heart failure, coronary heart disease, high cholesterol, and hypertension.
  • Your blood is better circulated while you exercise in the water.
  • People with obesity or bone and joint issues are frequently encouraged to participate in scuba diving since it helps to improve bones and joints.
  • Additionally, this is a fantastic method for lowering stress.

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The summer and fall months of May to November are the best for Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling. The weather is humid and hot yet tolerable around this time, drawing you to the sea for a refreshing plunge. The water is between 25°C and 29°C in temperature. Additionally, you can see underwater because of the brilliant sky.

Ha Long Bay Diving and Snorkeling - Greatest seasons for diving

The greatest seasons for Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling are in the summer and fall

You should familiarize yourself with the weather in Ha Long Bay before beginning your vacation. Because your Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling experience is totally dependent on the weather.

Summer in Ha Long Bay (May to July)

This is Ha Long Bay’s peak season. Some travelers find it’s too hot outside to go sightseeing or kayaking. So, swimming in chilly water, and having Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling feels like paradise. And you can view the beautiful coral reefs there as well. Moreover, these coral reefs will become much more brilliant and captivating in the sunlight.

Autumn in Ha Long Bay (August to October)

This season can be seen as a good day for Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling due to the favorable weather. Because of the reduced natural light at this time of year, it may be harder to view marine life. Cruises, boats, and other activities will interfere with your experience because this is also the busiest time of year in Ha Long Bay.

NOTICE: You should be aware that Ha Long experiences stormy weather at any moment from the end of August to the beginning of September. You may prevent this by starting your vacation in May or September.

These two months are the beginning and end of the season, so have a lower likelihood of storms. On the other hand, if you want to book your vacation for another month, try to regularly check the weather report and contact your travel company for further details.


There are many locations for Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling because these activities are now popular with tourists. These locations include Cat Ba Island, Lan Ha Bay, and Cai Bau Island. The following are among those that you should think about using when you book a Ha Long Bay tour.

Ha Long Bay Diving and Snorkeling - Places to Diving in Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Lan Ha Bay

There are numerous excellent places to go scuba diving in the less well-known and undeveloped Lan Ha Bay. Lan Ha Bay is home to a wide variety of marine life. It covers an area of 76 km2 and has more than 400 islands and islands. Immerse yourself in the cold, unpolluted waters to see up to 177 different types of coral, 98 different types of plankton, and approximately 200 different kinds of fish.

Cat Ba Island

Most corals and marine life may be found in Ha Long Bay near Cat Ba Island. Through local travel agents on the island, you can simply arrange a snorkeling excursion. The accommodations are many for you to choose from. One idea is to reserve an apartment on Monkey Island and make use of the snorkeling opportunities there.

Cong Do Area

You may have unique Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling experiences at Cong Do. This island is a little section of Bai Tu Long Bay, which is almost undeveloped. There are many aquatic creatures, including corals, seaweed, shrimp, and crab, underneath the surface of the water.

Vung Ha Island

Another location worth snorkeling is Vung Ha Island. This island is located in the fishing community of Vung Vieng in Ha Long Bay. It is an excellent idea to go snorkeling for half a day before visiting the fishing town of Vung Vieng to learn about the local culture.

Co To Island

On Hong Van Beach, Co To Island, an enormous number of coral reefs and vibrant fish await your exploration. Your trip will be more attractive due to the pure water and cool surroundings.

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  • 07:30 – 08:00: When the tour guide meets you at the port, they will give you a warm greeting, a brief introduction, and detailed instructions for the trip.
  • 08:00: Get aboard the speedboat and head to the diving and snorkeling area in Ha Long Bay, a World Heritage Site.

Ha Long Bay Diving and Snorkeling - Diving

Scuba diving in Ha Long is a must-try activity when you travel here, especially if you are an underwater lover

  • 09:00 – 09:25: Arrive in the breathtaking coral bay to get ready for your underwater adventure with an overview of coral diving rules and advice on diving skills.
  • 09:30 – 11:30: It’s time for you to explore the gorgeous Atlantic coast of Ha Long Bay, which is home to many vibrant corals.
  • 11:30: You’ll head back to the ship after snorkeling for lunch and a nap. Additionally, you partake in selfies, light dinners, and fishing at the same time.


  • 14:00 You keep taking part in numerous fantastic beach activities including swimming, water skiing, and kayaking.
  • 16:00 Aboard get ready for the farewell, and return aboard the ship.
  • 17:30 – 18:00: The Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling tour is coming to a close. It’s also the time to say farewell to the tour leader and the crew.


Bookings for Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling excursions may be made through travel agents, local snorkeling shops, and tour operators. The cost ranges between 1 million and 1.5 million VND per person.

What makes coral reef diving excursions preferable to freediving

  • Include various services.
  • and a road map to guarantee your safety.
  • You won’t have to worry about getting lost in this huge tourist area without knowing where to go.
  • Enjoy the complete service without being concerned about accommodations.
  • Reduce the possibility of fraud and overpayment.

Contrast going diving on your own with booking dive trips to visit the coral reef in Ha Long Bay

If this is your first time participating in Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling, you must learn the fundamentals of diving. Activities like diving or snorkeling depend on the physical condition of the diver and the quality and temperature of the water. Besides, it also depends on other factors like the kinds of equipment needed and the different diving techniques. Therefore, booking Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling is preferred.

Ha Long Bay Diving and Snorkeling - Diving

The local agency tour will prepare you with all things for your scuba diving in Ha Long

Booking a Diving Tour

  • Make sure divers are safe.
  • Time and money savings.
  • Planned services.

Go Diving Freely

  • Low degree of safety.
  • Discover on your own where to dine and stay.


Ha Long Scuba diving and snorkeling are fantastic activities that may both help you get stronger and take in the full majesty of this World Heritage Site. Careful planning is necessary to dive longer and deeper while being safe and viewing as many amazing things as possible. You won’t be sorry if you follow this piece of guidance.

  • May through September are the ideal months for scuba diving. To prevent any risks related to severe weather, carefully read the weather prediction.
  • Booking a snorkeling excursion through a travel agency is considered preferable. As they have many experiences, contact your tour guide or a travel agency for more specific information about the activities and weather as well.
  • Make sure you don’t have any heart or lung conditions since you must be strong enough to have Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling.
  • Prior to diving or snorkeling, keep in mind that you shouldn’t eat too little or too much. You should eat an appropriate amount for having enough energy to participate in sports.
  • Exercise will keep your body warm and active before you participate in Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling.
  • You must pay close attention to the directions given by the tour leader while participating in Ha Long scuba diving and snorkeling. Before snorkeling, novices should be well-prepared by studying the fundamentals of the sport.
  • Watch out for jellyfish. When you get stung by a jellyfish, you should start by administering first aid.
  • Avoid diving or snorkeling by yourself close to the cruise ship’s engines.
  • All equipment, including masks, fins, snorkels, cylinders, wet suits, and life jackets, is periodically inspected to ensure that it meets safety requirements.

For those who intend to visit Ha Long Bay, a fantastic tourist location in Vietnam, and want to have a wonderful Ha Long Bay diving and snorkeling, you will find the information above to be helpful. And if you need any help planning a cruise trip in Ha Long Bay or travel excursions to any of the breathtaking sites mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Dideden. Enjoy your day snorkeling and scuba diving in Ha Long Bay.

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