Ho Tram travel guide | Top 7 Places to Visit in Ho Tram

09/06/2023 Trinh Lu

Ho Tram (Hồ Tràm) is a small seaside town in Vietnam’s Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province. It is frequently referred to as the “Sister City” of Ho Coc (Hồ Cốc). Ho Tram Beach is famous for being one of Ho Chi Minh City’s most well-liked beachside locations for locals and visitors. It is frequently described as a pristine beachfront with minimal development. For a wonderful and safe journey, read the whole Ho Tram travel guide below.


Ho Tram Beach is a fascinating stop on the tourist route through Vung Tau since it is peaceful there. The sea is impressive by incredibly green and sandy. According to a well-known American TV channel, Ho Tram is one of the most stunning and unspoiled beaches in the world, along with Bai Dai – Phu Quoc (Kien Giang).

Ho Tram travel guide - Ho Tram

Ho Tram Beach with an incredibly blue sea and smooth sand, is a fascinating stop on the tour of Vung Tau.

About 125 km Southeast of Ho Chi Minh City in the Ba Ria – Vung Tau province is where you’ll find Ho Tram. Ho Tram Beach is gloriously undeveloped and unspoiled, with a seashore surrounded by palm trees and a lovely lagoon. Together with the Ho Tram travel guide, Dideden will provide you with various information about Ho Tram Lake Vung Tau.


With the Ho Tram travel guide, you know when is the most suitable time for you to travel to Ho Tram Lake in Vung Tau. Ho Tram experiences two different seasons of tropical monsoon weather. The seasons are sunny and wet as well as the constant cool sea wind in Ho Tram. As a result, you can visit Ho Tram at any time of the year because it is beautiful in all two seasons.

However, during the summer months (May, June, July, and August), most locals prefer to go to the beach. Although it may be really hot during this time, the breeze from the ocean will keep you a little cooler than if you were to stay in the city

ho tram travel guide 15

Ho Tram weather in November is sunny and ideal for your trip to Ho Tram Beach

Still, some foreign visitors may decide to visit the beautiful beach in another month. Since it is hard for them to handle the heat and humidity, which is entirely envisaged. In fact, the spring months of February through April are also ideal for taking in Ho Tram since the temperature is not oppressively hot and there is still plenty of sunshine.

In the fall, from August to November, it is also feasible to travel and go swimming in Ho Tram. But you’ll probably have to cope with some cool wind and chaotic seas. Hope this Ho Tram travel guide assists you in choosing the best time to travel to Ho Tram Lake in Vung Tau.

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Let the Ho Tram travel guide assist you in choosing the means to get to Ho Tram Beach. Ho Tram is typically reached from either Ho Chi Minh City or Vung Tau. Most visitors are from Ho Chi Minh to Ho Tram. Therefore, they should travel to one of those two places first.

Please keep in mind that Ho Tram is much farther away than Vung Tau Beach, making it more difficult to reach by public transportation. So it is kind of Dideden to assist you with this practical Ho Tram travel guide.

By plane

The first important thing that the Ho Tram travel guide reminds you of is that there are no planes that go from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau directly. However, if you are coming from Hanoi, you could choose to reduce your journey by flying from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh. You can organize a car, hire a cab, or reserve a shuttle bus through a hotel at Ho Tram to get there from Ho Chi Minh City.

By bus

Another option in this Ho Tram travel guide that Dideden offers for you is by bus. When using a bus service, the concept remains the same. Arrive at Vung Tau first, then make taxi, automobile, or shuttle bus arrangements with beachfront hotels. The shuttle bus will most likely be free if you reserve a room at one hotel. If not, the cost will change depending on the kind of service you desire.


The Ho Tram travel guide will give you several interesting places to visit at Ho Tram Lake Vung Tau.

Ho Coc Beach

Only around 10 km of coastline separates Ho Tram Lake Vung Tau from Ho Coc Lake. For those who prefer a quieter vacation away from the hustle of Vung Tau, Ho Tram’s beach with its cleanness is the best choice. It makes Ho Tram become an appealing option for those seeking a natural setting that is empty but still spectacular and lovely.

Ho Tram travel guide - Ho Coc

Ho Coc Beach has a huge tourist attraction thanks to its harmonious nature and picturesque scenery.

Nevertheless, along with its beach Ho Coc, it is positioned to become a significant vacation destination. In fact, it is ranked as the third-best thing to do in the area that is near Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Coc is a quiet beach because it is situated near the forest’s edge. Additionally, this explains why Ho Coc Beach is consistently crystal-clear and stunning. Throughout the shore, there are numerous different-shaped rocks.

Ho Tram Beach

A coastal section of the Xuyen Moc district called Ho Tram is situated between the Ba Ria – Vung Tau districts of Binh Chau and Long Hai. Arriving here, tourists are immediately struck by the area’s uncomplicated, untainted beauty. Ho Tram has been named one of the world’s most exquisite undeveloped beaches by the CNNGo channel (USA).

Ho Tram travel guide - Ho Tram

Along with various upscale amenities, Ho Tram is surrounded by nature.

Visitors are enticed by the area’s white sand beaches and crystal-clear water. When you visit Ho Tram, you may take a stroll along the deserted beach and eat a variety of excellent and fresh seafood. It is believed that this Ho Tram travel guide will become your precious review and improve your experience while traveling.

Suoi O Beach

Ho Tram travel guide - Suoi O Beach

Suoi O Beach offers calm waters and little big chops.

Bring this Ho Tram travel guide along with you and explore Suoi O Beach right away! On the approach to Binh Chau hot spring, Suoi O Beach is situated around 3 km from Binh Chau market. It has a clear blue ocean, silky white sand, and freshwater springs. With a few basket boats lying idle in the sand, the sea still preserves its fresh and pure beauty since it has not been exploited.

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Binh Chau Hot Spring

Take this Ho Tram travel guide with you to know how to get to Binh Chau Hot Spring. Ho Chi Minh City is 150 km away from the mineral spring resort of Binh Chau. Visitors will descend to Ba Ria town along Highway 51, which is around 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City.

Ho Tram travel guide - Binh Chau Hot Spring

Binh Chau Hot Spring owns a system of natural hot springs with various relaxation services combined with resorts

Visitors can reach the Binh Chau eco-tourism region in Bung Rieng Commune, Xuyen Moc District by turning left and traveling approximately 55 km in the direction of National Highway 55.

Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve

The next amazing place that the Ho Tram travel guide suggests for you is Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve. You can visit the more than 12,000 acres Phuoc Buu botanical garden in addition to swimming and eating seafood. It is regarded as a little museum of the natural forest reserve of Binh Chau and Phuoc Buu.

The reserve protects more than 10,537 hectares of natural space. It is situated inside the network of Vietnam’s special-use forests, and it facilitates research, scientific experimentation, education about conservation, entertainment, and the planning of ecotourism operations.

Ho Tram travel guide - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve

The Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve is one of the few places along Vietnam’s coastline that still has a considerable natural forest cover.

Impressively, 43 km of rivers, lakes, and streams are present, and they typically have water year-round. With temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees Celsius, Binh Chau Hot Mineral Spring is located in the Northeast. As one of the world’s 65 sustainable eco-tourism destinations from 47 nations, this location has received official recognition from the World Tourism Organization.

Ho Tram travel guide - Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve

The roots are visible in a corner of the woodland during the dry season

During the dry season, when the amount of water is low, the roots are exposed in a corner of the woodland. Couples frequently select this location for their wedding photos. You can have beautiful and memorable wedding photos here and more excited experiences with the Ho Tram travel guide.

Binh Chau Fishing Port

Ho Tram travel guide finds Binh Chau Fishing Port as one of the “hot-trend” places for GenZ. The sole fishing port in the Xuyen Moc district serves as the berthing and trading location for hundreds of fishing boats, both big and small. This is a popular tourist destination since it has diverse attractiveness at different times of the day.

Ho Tram travel guide - Binh Chau Fishing Port

A stunning “national” check-in location like Korea is the Binh Chau Fishing Port

Loc An Fishing Port

Also, similar to Binh Chau fishing port, Loc An Fishing Port is a stunning place that the Ho Tram travel guide recommends for you. The fishing port of Loc An is only approximately 7 km away from Ho Tram, but there are many lovely natural sights to photograph along the road. The mangrove main forest system behind the roadside sculpts a stunningly untamed environment. The fishermen’s fishing boat returned to Loc An Fishing Port and anchored there.

ho tram travel guide 13

Loc An is again the ideal destination for those who want to experience the pristine, clean, and beautiful sea paradise

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Ho Tram travel guide suggests Ho Tram Seafood Market as one of the ideal places to visit in Vung Tau. It is simple to discover the market because it is situated just on Ho Tram Beach. Choose from a variety of oysters, snails, salmon, squid, and fresh octopus.


It is important to have tips for your trip, let the Ho Tram travel guide give them to you. When visiting Ho Tram during the most popular periods of the year, you should reserve a hotel or resort stay as soon as you can. There are a few other factors worth keeping in mind:

  • Since reefs are frequently present at Ho Tram Beach, you should only swim in designated areas.
  • Bring sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Some typical medications to treat stomachaches, headaches, etc. brought on by consuming too much seafood.
  • If you ride a motorcycle to Ho Tram, you should thoroughly inspect your bike before you ride.

To sum up, that is all the tourist information that the Ho Tram travel guide provides for you. Ho Tram tourism still has a lot of unspoiled natural beauty, making it the perfect place for us to explore. Pack your bags, with the Ho Tram travel guide, start traveling, and then explore the beautiful Ho Tram Lake Vung Tau. We hope our Ho Tram travel guide is helpful for you to make a wonderful trip to Vung Tau.

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