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Lakes in Vietnam – Top 9 Best Magnificent Lakes That You Should Visit

29/03/2023 ManNhi

Lakes in Vietnam are beautiful scenery stretching from North to South. Vietnam has a lot of lovely lakes. Lakes can be generated by dams to provide energy, but there are also many natural lakes. 

If you’re looking for a nice place in Vietnam to visit or a pretty lake to sight-seeing, refer to this list here about the top 9 best magnificent lakes in Vietnam. Let’s check now!


1. Ba Be Lake – One of the Biggest Lakes in Vietnam

Ba Be Lake is the biggest lake in Vietnam, located in Bac Kan Province. With a total surface area of about 500 hectares, Ba Be Lake is a trio of connected lakes. It comes as no surprise that the name Ba Be Lake is actually “three lakes.” Moreover, it is a protected area of Ba Be National Park.

Ba Be Lake has a mystical aura because it is surrounded by towering mountains and dense vegetation. Many indigenous groups live in the park, along with a wide variety of mammals, insects, and birds. There are numerous cave systems in the limestone mountains.

lakes in Vietnam - ba be lake

Ba Be Lake – One of the Biggest Lakes in Vietnam

The greatest way to see the lake is from a boat, which also takes you to a waterfall, a massive cave, and the villages of the local population. Also, it’s an excellent location for biking and hiking through the national park’s woodland.

There are many different activities available for you to select from. You can go hiking in the forest, or go caving in Hua Ma, one of the region’s most enigmatic grottoes. You can also fish from the homestays’ windows, work on a local farm, take a boat excursion on the lake, or visit the temples in the vicinity, among other activities. Ba Be Lake will be a terrific spot if you enjoy nature and wild beauty. 

2. Hoan Kiem Lake – A Famous Lake in Vietnam

Hanoi lake, Hoan Kiem Lake, or Sword Lake is one of the most well-known and picturesque lakes in Vietnam. Hoan Kiem Lake is situated in the center of this lovely city. On an island in Hoan Kiem Lake, Turtle Tower is located there which adds more romance to the setting. It is a unique one in the middle of the old city. 

lakes in Vietnam - hoan kiem lake

Hoan Kiem Lake – A Famous Lake in Vietnam

In addition, giant tortoises live beneath Hoan Kiem Lake’s murky water. They are Cantor’s gigantic softshell turtles, a critically endangered species currently only found in a few countries, including Vietnam.

lakes in Vietnam - hoan kiem lake

Hanoians with taichi in groups

The best site to observe the genuine way of life of the Hanoians and take part in a variety of fascinating activities is without a doubt Hoan Kiem Lake. Locals like congregating along the lake to take the morning breeze and fresh air as well as the breathtaking sunset at dusk. Come here in the morning or the afternoon, and you’ll witness old Hanoians practicing taichi in groups, kids taking selfies, flower-filled yokes on practically every corner, and much more.

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3. West Lake – One of The Most Well-Known Lakes in Vietnam

West Lake is one of the most famous lakes in Vietnam. It was originally regarded as one of the key locations in the ancient Vietnamese capital.

At the right time of year, you can see vast fields of water lilies. For locals and foreign tourists, West Lake is also a place for some of Hanoi’s top cafes and restaurants with stunning lake views. Come here in the late afternoon to catch the greatest sunsets in the area.

lakes in Vietnam - west lake

West Lake – One of The Most Well-Known Lakes in Vietnam

West Lake, with a circumference of roughly 18 km, is the perfect area for us to ride our bikes to locate the coolest breeze from Hanoi City Center. For decades, the lake has served as a major source of inspiration for Vietnamese poets, musicians, and photographers.

As a final piece of advice, make sure to go to the Tran Quoc Pagoda – Hanoi’s oldest temple which is situated on the lake.

4. Thac Ba Lake – One of The Wonderful Lakes in Vietnam

Thac Ba Lake is in Yen Bai Province, one of the most wonderful lakes in Vietnam. The Thac Ba Hydroelectric Plant created this lake, which is the largest artificial lake in Vietnam at approximately 23,000 hectares.

Besides, Thac Ba Lake is renowned for its more than 1300 hill islands that rise above the water’s surface like a smaller version of Ha Long Bay, creating a breathtaking and distinctive geological landscape. Thac Ba Lake’s cave network offers a fresh perspective on the remarkable beauty of Vietnam’s natural world. In addition, you can easily see the untamed beauty of the lake’s lovely islets.

lakes in Vietnam - thac ba lake

Thac Ba Lake – One of The Wonderful Lakes in Vietnam

Coming here, visitors will find several outdoor activities to choose from like fishing, lake boating, and visiting cultural towns nearby to learn more about the local minorities’ cultures.

The most picturesque rice fields in Vietnam are also located in Yen Bai province. But in Mu Cang Chai 200 kilometers higher up, you can visit the Thac Ba Lake in conjunction with a trip there. We are sure that you will have to spend a lot of time exploring all the beauty here.

5. Tuyen Lam Lake – One of The Perfect Lakes in Vietnam

One of the most beautiful places to visit in Vietnam is Tuyen Lam Lake, which is located 10 kilometers from the city of Da Lat and has a 350-hectare surface area. The picturesque charm of Tuyen Lam Lake draws visitors in like other Da Lat tourist attractions do.

Tuyen Lam Lake is a flawless work of nature, with its surrounding boundless area of pine trees blending with its clear water and gloomy haze layers.

lakes in Vietnam - tuyen lam lake

Tuyen Lam Lake – One of The Perfect Lakes in Vietnam

This is mostly due to its unique location, which is surrounded by various coniferous woods and mountains. You can rent a boat or kayak to explore the lake, go on walks around the lake and through the forest, or just relax in the stunning surroundings.

You can enjoy a wonderful view of the area around Tuyen Lam Lake from the Tuyen Lam Lake Viewpoint, stroll through Lavenderdalat Gardens, or discover Dalat Infinity Lake. Alternatively, you can connect with your spiritual side by going to the Truc Lam Zen Monastery.

If you are a person who loves Da Lat – a city of flowers, Tuyen Lam Lake will be one of the perfect lakes in Vietnam that you should not miss. 

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6. Ta Dung Lake – A Wonderful Place For Camping

Ta Dung Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam. This is one of the lakes that is created by a dam. As the dam was constructed, the river’s water level began to rise, producing a lake that encircled the mountains and hills and hundreds of islands.

The view of all these islands in the lake will make you remind of Ha Long Bay, the most famous attraction in North Vietnam. You may call this place Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands. There are several gorgeous points, and you may go on a boat tour of the lake to explore other islands.

lakes in Vietnam - ta dung lake

Ta Dung Lake – A Wonderful Place For Camping

Besides, Ta Dung Lake is also a perfect place for camping. You can take a sip of coffee while getting toasty next to a campfire, go on a little hike, or splash. You will undoubtedly find calm in this serene setting, which offers breathtaking views of both a lovely lake and towering mountains.

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7. Bien Ho Lake – One of the Most Beautiful Lakes in Vietnam

Bien Ho Lake or T’nung Lake is situated in Gia Lai, a region of the Highland in Vietnam. Bien Ho is one of the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam and offers guests a taste of total comfort. The location of Bien Ho Lake lies in the crater of a long-extinct volcano. Standing beside the lake, you can feel the cool breezes tickling your skin, the vibrant area of wildflowers, and the peace of nature. 

lakes in Vietnam - bien ho lake

Bien Ho Lake – One of the Most Beautiful Lakes in Vietnam

Autumn visitors will be rewarded with the sight of beautiful yellow wildflowers blooming. The 200 hectares of surface area are covered with mist in the mornings, creating an atmospheric image. Bien Ho Lake is a worthwhile trip for anyone seeking quiet and beauty amid Vietnam’s breathtaking nature, regardless of the season.

If you are a wild lover, we are sure Bien Ho Lake is a wonderful place for you to visit this summer. 

8. Lak Lake – One of the Largest Lakes in Vietnam

Lak Lake is located in Dak Lak Province in the Central Highlands. One of the best tourist destinations in Vietnam, Lak Lake is Vietnam’s second-largest natural lake after Ba Be Lake.

Lak Lake is thought to be the deepest lake in Vietnam and has a maximum depth of more than 50 meters, much deeper than Bien Ho in Gia Lai. Its surface area is roughly 5 square kilometers. Beautiful mountains and undeveloped, primal forests with a variety of species surround Lak Lake. 

lakes in Vietnam - lak lake

Lak Lake – One of the Largest Lakes in Vietnam

Remember to bring your camera to record the sunrise or sunset and stunning scenes that are reflected in the lake’s calm waters. Tourists can also go trekking, fishing, and boating, and experience a classic dugout canoe. 

Also, this lake is the only location in Vietnam where you may see some distinctive traditional M’nong longhouses. You will have the chance to converse with the nearby M’nong people and authentically experience their culture. Other outstanding activities include sailing, singing, riding elephants, and fire dancing,…

9. Yen Phu Lake – One of The Most Alluring Lakes in Vietnam

If you are faithful to the Hollywood Bomb “Kong – Skull Island” – by the talented director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, surely Yen Phu Lake will not strange to you. As Yen Phu Lake was selected as the backdrop for this movie, it rose to become one of the most alluring lakes in Vietnam

With enormous limestone mountains, large expanses of grass and tropical woods, and a tranquil water surface, the area around Yen Phu Lake is incredibly beautiful. You can easily run into some water buffalo, cows, and many exotic birds as you go around the lake. You would undoubtedly agree after taking in the mist-covered mountains that serve as its backdrop.

lakes in Vietnam - yen phu lake

Yen Phu Lake – One of The Most Alluring Lakes in Vietnam

It is also possible for Vietnam to combine a trip to Yen Phu Lake with guided excursions to the magnificent Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park. You may explore Phong Nha Cave, one of the world’s top seven caves and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Making this breathtaking area of Central Vietnam an excellent starting point for seeing the vast array of natural beauties in the nation.

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There are a lot of lakes in Vietnam in addition to the list of 9 lakes we showed above. Here are some other pretty lakes that you can find more: 

  • Quan Son Lake, My Duc, Hanoi – the chance to see the lotus flower’s flawless beauty while it is in bloom.
  • Suoi Hai Lake, Ba Vi, Hanoi – at the base of the Ba Vi Mountain, roughly 70 kilometers from Hanoi.
  • Dai Lai Lake, Vinh Phuc – a well-known man-made lake in the province of Vinh Phuc, approximately 50 kilometers from Hanoi.
  • Kenh Ha Lake, Nha Trang – the lovely and natural surroundings of the lake with their untamed mountains.
  • Dau Tieng Lake, Binh Duong – a lake for camping near Ho Chi Minh City which is 90 kilometers drive.
lakes in Vietnam - dau tieng lake

Dau Tieng Lake – A Wonderful Place for Camping

Are you ready for a great journey for visiting a wonderful lake? After referring to this list, Dideden hopes you looked for a nice place for you. Thank you for visiting our list of the top 9 magnificent lakes in Vietnam

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