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Phan Thiet Travel Guide | Experience Should Not To Be Missed

01/07/2023 Phuc Tran

Phan Thiet travel guide introduces you to one of Vietnam’s “hot” tourist destinations, the coastal city of Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan. Although it is well-known among locals, it is unfamiliar to foreign visitors. The article below will share with you the beauty as well as the new and exciting things to do in Phan Thiet!


Phan Thiet is a beach city in Binh Thuan Province on Vietnam’s South Central Coast. With its vast white sand beaches and azure sea, Phan Thiet has long been a popular tourist destination in Vietnam. It also includes unique streams and ancient architectural works.

This country not only has stunning natural beauty but is also an appealing cultural tourism destination with varied communities such as Chinese, Champa, and so on. When visiting Phan Thiet, you can not only admire the beauty but also eat a variety of wonderful cuisines created from fresh fish.

Phan Thiet travel guide - About Phan Thiet

The undeniable attraction of Phan Thiet tourism

The beaches and tourist spots of Phan Thiet are less busy than those in other popular tourist locations. This city is incredibly calm and pristine, similar to what nature provides. Thus, it draws the attention and love of those that enjoy exploring. 

Dideden’s Phan Thiet travel guide believes this city is an excellent choice if you want to locate a relaxing vacation and enjoy a serene natural space.


Phan Thiet is in a dry region of a typical tropical environment, with plenty of sun and wind. There are two seasons: wet and sunny, but the rainy season is short.

Phan Thiet travel guide recommends traveling here from June to September. Because the weather in Phan Thiet is cold and gentle at the moment. Furthermore, December to February next year are the coolest in Phan Thiet. This period will be ideal for vacationing families with children.

Phan Thiet travel guide - best time to visit

The best time to visit

If you don’t like hot weather, Dideden’s Phan Thiet travel guide suggests that you should not visit Phan Thiet between March and April. This is the time when the highest temperatures in Phan Thiet can approach 30 degrees Celsius. The temperature becomes significantly hotter and more uncomfortable around this time.


When traveling to Phan Thiet, there are plenty of hotels and resorts that you can choose to stay for your vacation. Dideden’s Phan Thiet travel guide recommends some places with the hope that can make your holidays unforgettable!

The Sailing Bay Beach Resort

  • Address: 107 Ho Xuan Huong, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province.

The Sailing Bay Beach Resort is an intriguing destination for travelers to this sunny and windy city. This is one of the Phan Thiet hotels and resorts with a sea view to provide guests with a memorable stay.

Phan Thiet travel guide - Places to stay

View at sunset from the Sailing Bay Beach Resort

The hotel is created in a European style that is rich in art and innovation, with sail-shaped architecture that exudes grandeur and nobility. One of the hotel’s centerpieces is a huge swimming pool that is not far from the sea. It’s an exciting thing to be able to sunbathe by the lake while watching the waves crash on the coast.

Romana Resort & Spa

  • Address: Quarter 5, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province.

Romana Resort & Spa is a hotel in Phan Thiet that has the unique distinction of being located on a private mountain surrounded by a green beach. When there are both mountains and gorgeous bays, this hotel offers a fantastic setting, as beautiful as a paradise on earth.

Phan Thiet travel guide - Places to stay in

Could you quickly write down this gorgeous hotel in your Phan Thiet travel guide?

Many visitors choose Romana Resort & Spa as a holiday location when visiting this sunny and windy city since it offers a romantic evening on the sea as well as a stunning sunset. Furthermore, this resort offers a variety of appealing outdoor activities which ensures a comfortable and complete holiday. Phan Thiet travel guide believes that you will completely have a wonderful holiday time in this hotel. 


Phan Thiet’s tourist map divides into 4 major areas: the city center, Mui Ne, Mui Ke Ga, and Hon Rom. You may visit other prominent landmarks in Phan Thiet by starting from one of these four points. Phan Thiet travel guide introduces you to the most typical tourist destinations!

Duc Thanh School Relic Area

  • Address: 39 Trung Nhi, Duc Nghia Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province.

The Duc Thanh School relic is located in the heart of Phan Thiet. This school was founded by patriotic scholars in 1907 to respond to the Duy Tan movement in Trung Ky. Duc Thanh School was also where President Ho Chi Minh stopped teaching before moving to Saigon.

Phan Thiet travel guide - Duc Thanh School

A place to store many memories of the first president of Vietnam

The school’s antique architecture, with rows of wooden homes and carefully groomed green grounds, has been preserved after more than a century. There are practically intact artifacts related to President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching time in Phan Thiet in the Duc Thanh School neighborhood.

This popular tourist location is always an extra stop on Phan Thiet tours. What could be better than traveling and learning about Vietnam’s history at the same time?

Po Sah Inu Tower

  • Address: Ba Nai Hill, Phu Hai Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province.

Po Sah Inu Tower is 7 kilometers from the Northeast of Phan Thiet town in the Ba Nai Hills. Po Sah Inu Cham Tower is a collection of relics from the ancient Champa Kingdom. This is one of the earliest sets of Champa temples and towers in Binh Thuan.

The architectural style of the tower is Hoa Lai. Although it is not massive, it has captured the essence of old Champa architecture and art to produce a beautiful and enigmatic appearance. Visitors can visit the tower for a ticket price of 10,000 VND (0.43 USD) per round.

Phan Thiet travel guide - Po Sah Inu

Po Sah Inu Tower

This is not simply an exceptional architectural work but also a spiritual heritage of the local people. The Phan Thiet travel guide believes that by visiting here, you will be able to explore the historic beauty of the Champa people and take beautiful photographs.

Mui Ne Fishing Village

  • Address: Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province.

If you wish to capture a calm image of a pure fishing village on Vietnamese waters, Phan Thiet travel guide recommends Mui Ne fishing town. Hundreds of colorful fishing boats are moored on the lake just at the village’s entrance. A little colorful market with tranquil beauty is located not far from the port.

Walking along the beach covered with sea shells during the fishing process, you will see how the fishermen classify their catch. This is also an opportunity to bring home fresh fish from the seas of Binh Thuan. 

Phan Thiet travel guide - Mui Ne fishing village

Mui Ne Fishing Village at sunset

The Phan Thiet travel guide recommends waking up early to see the dawn in the fishing town while watching the fishing boats sailing the quay loaded with fish and shrimp. Every evening, you may come across floating fishing baskets tethered on the sea.

When visiting the fishing hamlet, visitors are very interested in and enjoy witnessing the life and fishing vocation of the locals. Here you can learn more about the culture and simple beauty of fishermen’s way of life and job. Isn’t this a very real and up-close-and-personal experience journey in your Phan Thiet travel guide?

Flying Sand Dunes in Mui Ne – Doi Cat Bay

  • Address: Quarter 5, Mui Ne Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province.

Doi Cat Bay is one of the must-see attractions in Phan Thiet Mui Ne. This type of arid environment is typical in the region between Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan. Aside from the gorgeous structure, many people are drawn to the sand’s color, which comes in 18 different colors.

Doi Cat Bay offers a variety of activities, but the Phan Thiet travel guide advises sandboarding. You simply rent a skateboard for 10,000 VND (0.43 USD) and slide around till you get bored. Off-road vehicles can also be rented to explore all of Phan Thiet’s famous Doi Cat Bay.

Phan Thiet travel guide - Doi Cat Bay

Vietnam desert experience

Doi Cat Bay is becoming a well-known virtual living attraction in Phan Thiet. When looking for photos of Phan Thiet, you must have passed through the sand that resembles a little desert that is unique and unusual in Vietnam. 

Dideden’s Phan Thiet travel guide believes that this destination stands out in Phan Thiet tourism when compared to other coastal cities in Vietnam.

Rang Beach

  • Address: Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet City, Binh Thuan Province.

Rang Beach is a stunning jewel in the center of Phan Thiet. A green coconut forest grows along the coastline at Phan Thiet Beach, creating a charming and serene landscape. Rang Beach not only boasts a beautiful landscape but also magnificent resorts situated near the ancient fishing hamlet.

Phan Thiet travel guide - Rang Beach

The wild and modern beauty of Phan Thiet Beach

Try to immerse yourself in the crystal blue water, enjoy the sensation of comfort, and take in the pristine beauty of this beach. Many people come to Rang Beach in the afternoon to swim and eat excellent grilled green flying fish. The Phan Thiet travel guide thinks anybody visiting the area must visit this famed beach at least once.

Co Thach Stone Beach

  • Address: Binh Thanh Commune, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province.

Co Thach Phan Thiet Beach lies in Tuy Phong District, around 100 kilometers from Phan Thiet City. People called it the “Seven-color stone beach” because it had a lovely beach with dazzling colorful rocks. Do not hesitate but quickly write the name of this interesting place in your Phan Thiet travel guide.

Stones come in a variety of sizes and forms. The Vietnam Record Book Center has named this rocky beach “the most colorful and shaped rock in Vietnam”. 

Phan Thiet travel guide - Co Thach Stone Beach

Mother Nature creates this stunning scenery

Natural rocks of all hues and shapes can be seen in the middle of the enormous Co Thach Rock Beach. The movement of tides, ocean currents, and seawater creates this rock. Therefore, it has a sparkling beauty similar to colorful pearls, and it can also be rough or dark green with a mossy appearance.

Co Thach Rock Beach is a fantastic destination to visit that is always on the list of many travelers’ Phan Thiet travel guide. Many people visit Co Thach Rock Beach to admire nature’s unique beauty and to look for highly artistic scenery shots.


The peak hot season in Phan Thiet is April and May when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees Celsius and the sun is scorching. From July to August, beaches in Phan Thiet will experience red tide, algae bloom that renders the sea water muddy and unsuitable for bathing. Dideden’s Phan Thiet travel guide wants you to make sure that you always check the weather forecast before going swimming!

Additionally, the weather in Phan Thiet is quite hot. You should prepare good sun protection clothes or accessories, and most importantly, don’t forget the sunscreen. 

Phan Thiet travel guide - Important notes

Necessary things you should know

Services at tourist sites in Phan Thiet, such as jeep rental and sand dunes skiing, are provided on an as-needed basis. Therefore, the fee is set by the owner. Before utilizing, the Phan Thiet travel guide recommends that you inquire about the price carefully, compare rates in different places, and pay a reasonable price.

Because Phan Thiet is a well-known beach resort, the Phan Thiet travel guide recommends that you book early to avoid the situation when hotels and resorts run out of rooms. Summer in Phan Thiet frequently rains in the evening, so visit and have fun in the morning.

Phan Thiet tourism increasingly welcomes millions of tourists, both domestic and foreign. Prepare a detailed sightseeing schedule to make your Phan Thiet tour the most perfect! Do not forget to note the experiences from the Phan Thiet travel guide shared with you in this article.

If you want to discover more about Phan Thiet holiday experiences, please visit Travel News and Vietnam e-Visa. Dideden is always available and ready to help you via the Hotline at 1900 3398.