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Quang Binh Travel Guide | Things Need To Know Before Traveling

30/06/2023 Phuc Tran

Quang Binh travel guide brings you to a tourist attraction that represents numerous historical ups and downs in the country’s development and preservation. Therefore, many tourists come here now to reflect on the indelible historical marks. Quang Binh has become a popular tourist destination due to its traditional culture and beautiful natural surroundings.


Quang Binh is in Vietnam’s Central Coastal region. It is bordered by Quang Tri to the South, Ha Tinh to the North, the East Vietnam Sea to the East, and Laos to the West. This location connects the natural and cultural features of the South and the North. Quang Binh is regarded as a natural paradise.

This is not simply a site of convergence for cultural flows across the country. It is also an attractive destination with numerous breathtakingly stunning landscapes along with historical and cultural relics. According to Dideden’s Quang Binh travel guide, this location has tourism potential that attracts both domestic and foreign travelers.

Quang Binh travel guide - about Quang Binh

The Kingdom of Caves

The biodiversity area of North Truong Son includes Quang Binh. The flora and wildlife are diverse and unusual here, with numerous uncommon genetic resources. It boasts a large sea, a lengthy coastline, and various gorgeous beaches. Marine seafood resources are diversified and abundant, such as lobster, tiger shrimp, and sea cucumber.

Quang Binh is also known as the “Kingdom of Caves” due to its 404 huge and tiny caves. At the same time, there are gorgeous virgin beaches and fascinating spiritual locations. According to the Quang Binh travel guide, this is one of the best places to discover Vietnam’s famous natural hidden treasures.

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Quang Binh is a coastal province in Vietnam’s North Central region, in the tropical monsoon zone. Therefore, the North and South climates are constantly influencing Quang Binh. The climate of Quang Binh is divided into two distinct seasons. The dry season lasts from early April to mid-September, and the rainy season lasts from October to mid-December.

The Quang Binh travel guide advises you that the best time is summer, from early April to mid-September. This is an ideal time for you to swim and enjoy the scenery without having to worry about the weather. Quang Binh is hot and sunny at the moment, although the proximity to the water helps to keep the temperature down.

Quang Binh travel guide - best time to travel Quang Binh

The best time for your Quang Binh tourist attractions

Dideden’s Quang Binh travel guide recommends you should avoid visiting Quang Binh between September and December. Flooding is common because it is the peak of the rainy season. Additionally, deadly landslides are possible.

Furthermore, from January to March, the weather is more consistent. However, the river water is still high, which makes it impossible to visit the water caverns, particularly Phong Nha Cave.


There are many charming places to visit in Quang Binh that you should not miss. Dideden’s Quang Binh travel guide wants to introduce some ideal destinations which may match your planning.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park is one of the most essential and significant conservation areas in Quang Binh. The garden is divided into two sections: the first cave discovered here is Phong Nha Cave and the magnificent limestone mountain range of Ke Bang.

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park was designated a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 2003 based on geological and geomorphological criteria. On July 3, 2015, UNESCO nominated it as a World Natural Heritage site based on biodiversity criteria for the second time. This is one of the most appealing Quang Binh tourist attractions that never fails to draw visitors.

Quang Binh travel guide - Phong Nha Ke Bang national park

Spend your vacation exploring a World’s Natural Heritage, which never disappoints you!

This national park is famous for its millions of-year-old karst limestone structures. These structures include more than 300 caverns and an underground river system. Hundreds of rare and valuable animal and plant species are included in the Red Book of Vietnam and the world. This is what attracts tourists and scientists to come here to discover.

At the same time, the Quang Binh travel guide recommends that you should join in and experience the unique and special old Champa culture, as well as adventure discovery activities.

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Phong Nha Cave – The First Wonder of the Cave

Phong Nha Cave is a world natural heritage recognized by UNESCO. The cave is over 8 kilometers long and contains underground rivers that are among the longest in the world. Quang Binh travel guide believes the stalactite system nature provides will overwhelm you based on 7 outstanding features.

Phong Nha Cave is known as “The First Wonder of the Cave”. Since it became the first location in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park cave system to be developed for tourists. This is also Vietnam’s only cave with an underground river that is used for tourism.

Quang Binh travel guide - Phong Nha Cave

The First Wonder of the Cave

Phong Nha Cave is a 2 million-year-old stalactite and limestone cave. Thanks to the long-term weathering, rainfall, and other natural effects. Furthermore, the limestone in the cave has trickled down to produce an attractive scene.

Phong Nha Cave in Quang Binh is a beautiful watercolor picture. To reach Phong Nha cave, the Quang Binh travel guide recommends taking a 30-minute motorboat ride on the Son River. You will observe some decent local life throughout this 30-minute time.

Paradise Cave

Thien Duong Cave is considered the longest dry cave in Asia, with a length of up to 31.4 km. This location is commonly known as the “Underground Palace” because of the stunning stalactites and stalagmites that have evolved over millions of years. All have created a magical and splendid landscape.

The cave’s depth of around 1 kilometer has been surveyed and utilized for tourism. This is the culmination of a systematic network of spectacular stalactite mazes. The cave’s ceiling is cathedral-like in height and width. Thien Duong Cave’s core region is filled with innumerable vibrant and colorful stalactite structures.

Quang Binh travel guide - Paradise cave

Admire “paradise” – an artistic masterpiece of nature

Visitors’ imaginations are sparked by each stone column and stalactite tree. On the stalactite columns, there are stalactites and stone sprouts spilling. All of which make natural sculptures that enable tourists to imagine the shapes of fairy and mythical characters.

Paradise Cave is a must-see attraction in your Quang Binh travel guide. Dideden thinks this is the area where you may explore and appreciate the tremendous beauty of nature.

Son Doong Cave 

Son Doong cave is part of the Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park in Tan Trach Commune, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh Province. The cave is part of an underground river system that connects around 150 caves in Vietnam near the Laos border. Son Doong is the largest cave in the world and also the most majestic cave in Vietnam.

The scenery within Son Doong cave is similarly spectacular, with mountains, rivers, and a forest with an exceptionally unique and complex environment. Son Doong is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. All are caused by an underground river that flows deep beneath and is lit by sunlight from a collapsed cave section.

Quang Binh travel guide - Son Doong Cave

Experience the Garden of Eden on the Ground

According to Quang Binh travel guides, the best season for travelers visiting Son Doong is February to August. The coming months are the rainy season in Quang Binh. Thus, the water in the caves will increase dramatically, which makes it impossible to utilize.

The breathtaking beauty of Son Doong Cave has been regarded as unique in the world by specialists and world cave explorers. Coming to Son Doong, Dideden’s Quang Binh travel guide believes that travelers’ primary goal is not just tourism but also experience. You will discover the masterpieces of nature bestowed on humanity.

Mooc Spring – Phong Nha’s Hidden Gem Vietnam

Mooc Spring is a popular eco-tourism destination that Dideden’s Quang Binh travel guide wants to introduce to you. Mooc Spring attracts tourists all year with its brilliant blue spring water. The darker and clearer the water is like a jade, the brighter the summer sun.

Quang Binh travel guide - Mooc Spring

Phong Nha’s Hidden Gem Vietnam

Spring water is led from the ground by the sheer rocks that reign at the stream’s headwaters. Then sprayed into complex water columns and dunes. Quang Binh Mooc Spring has been compared to a “world paradise,” with extraordinarily mystical angles appearing in the hit film “Kong: Skull Island.”

Following a visit to the magnificent caverns of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, the Quang Binh travel guide believes that Suoi Mooc is the best spot to help you get rid of all the weariness and heat. You will be immersed in nature and have magnificent Mooc Spring check-in images to remember where we were.

Duong Cam Waterfall

According to your Quang Binh travel guide, Duong Cam Waterfall will not overwhelm you. This is a beautiful waterfall in the Dong Chau – Khe Nuoc Trong natural reserve. The waterfall is around 700 meters above sea level, more than 100 meters high, and 30 meters wide.

Duong Cam Waterfall transforms into a vibrant and spectacular natural scene. With rushing water streaming over the rocks, scenes of tremendous eruptions are created. Listening to the booming waterfall is a powerful therapy for spiritual relaxation.

Quang Binh travel guide - Duong Cam waterfall

Trekking Duong Cam Waterfall – An exciting and emotional adventure

When traveling to Duong Cam waterfall, the Quang Binh travel guide recommends participating in adventurous activities and experiencing thrills. There are many things to do in Quang Binh, such as ziplining over waterfalls, wandering through primeval forests, and bathing in fresh streams.

This is a new bright point in Quang Binh tourist attractions, especially for individuals who desire to leave everything behind in order to challenge themselves. Dideden’s Quang Binh travel guide believes that by visiting, you would be able to immerse yourself in the untamed natural surroundings thoroughly.

Nhat Le Beach

As one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Nhat Le Beach is known as one of the places worth visiting in the Quang Binh travel guide. It features poetic nature, golden sand, and a vast beach with a gorgeous blue ocean. Despite being adjacent to a residential neighborhood, this beach preserves a natural beauty that few places can match.

Mother Nature has blessed Nhat Le with a beautiful white sand beach, a quiet sea, and pure blue water. The beach merges with the vast sky to provide a stunning picture of the sea and sky. When you come to Nhat Le Beach, the Quang Binh travel guide thinks you will sense the wild beauty and enjoy the tranquil area.

Quang Binh travel guide - Nhat Le Beach

One of the most poetic beaches should appear in your Quang Binh travel guide 

According to Quang Binh travel guides, the best season for tourists visiting Nhat Le Beach is May to August. This sea provides guests with more than just refreshing blue water. This location offers a selection of fresh seafood as well as outdoor recreational activities.

The sight here is like wearing a fresh, incredibly gorgeous garment at dusk and sunrise. When night falls, the city begins to light up, and the fishing boats shine brightly, ready to set off. The Quang Binh travel guide thinks this will be the most attractive season for Nhat Le Beach to sparkle with various colors.

Bang Mineral Hot Spring

Bang Mineral Hot Spring has been a popular destination in Quang Binh since the end of the last century. This location is well-known for its hot mineral springs and the untamed beauty of the Truong Son mountains. Dideden can tell you that this location is one of the highlights of the Quang Binh travel guide.

This is a unique hot water source that is not contaminated with hazardous components. Additionally, it has a low mineral level and is high in silicon. The temperature of Suoi Bang can reach 105 degrees Celsius. So when the hot air evaporates, the water will have a natural sweet taste.

Bang Mineral Hot Spring is barely 40 degrees Celsius because of a chilly water branch from the southern mountain. Visitors can visit and bathe in the stream comfortably there.

Quang Binh travel guide - Bang Mineral Hot Spring

Experience the hottest mineral spring in Vietnam

The spring water here is well-known for its numerous medicinal benefits. Many experts have studied and proven that spring water contains many unusual trace components. Bathing in Bang Mineral Hot Spring can help you treat skin ailments, nerves, bones and joints, and so on.

The beauty of Hot Springs, as well as the importance of health care to people. These factors have contributed to Bang Mineral Hot Spring’s continued inclusion in the Quang Binh travel guide in the coming years.


If you are a person who likes to participate in outdoor activities and always wonder what to do in Quang Binh. Dideden would like to introduce you to some of the activities below to make your Quang Binh travel guide more interesting!


Trekking tourism is bringing an increasing number of people to Quang Binh. Join a picnic tour through the forest by walking and climbing. Dideden’s Quang Binh travel guide recommends that this is a perfect outdoor activity if you want to both experience travel and challenge yourself!

Quang Binh travel guide - Trekking

Trekking in Quang Binh – Save the passion for adventure travel

When traveling to Quang Binh, you must always be in good health. The unique landscape demands you to travel a lot, even walking through the forest, crossing streams and rivers. Dideden believes when you see the beauty of nature, the hard work will be well worth it.

Trekking allows you to escape the city’s noise, stress, and dust. To be directly immersed in the beautiful, peaceful natural landscape. You will uncover things that you can only see in movies. How wonderful your vacation would be if you put this activity in your Quang Binh travel guide!


Visitors to Quang Binh tourism will be allowed to kayak into the cave by themselves. You can feel the cold air and steam escaping from the cave. Visitors with an open exploring schedule might stop at Bi Ky Cave to enjoy the sights.

Quang Binh travel guide - Kayaking

You will be able to experience kayaking by yourself in Quang Binh

Most tourists often follow the kayaking route in Quang Binh on the Son River. This is a romantic and peaceful river. On both sides of the river, communities are snuggled near towering mountains.

Kayak rental costs around 100,000 VND per hour (4.35 USD) for 2 people. If you intend to paddle a boat into Phong Nha cave, the Quang Binh travel guide recommends bringing a flashlight to admire the gorgeous stalactite system that nature has given upon this place.

Zipline In Chay River Dark Cave

You can go to the center of Chay River by a well-invested and very modern zipline system. From there, you can drop down to cool off with this dreamy blue river as well as participate in other water games.

The Quang Binh zipline is a popular tourist attraction in Vietnam. The cost of a zipline ride ranges from 50,000 VND (2.17 USD) to 300,000 VND (13.04 USD), which depends on the location and route.

Quang Binh travel guide - Zipline

Chay River and Dark Cave adventure games

The Zipline slide experience is recommended by Quang Binh travel guide if you want to explore the stunning natural landscape in Chay River – Dark Cave. What could be more satisfying than playing an attractive game and admiring the majestic picture of nature, right?

Mud Bathing In Dark Cave

Mud bathing is one of the new services which is introduced to the list of things to do in Quang Binh. This service has piqued the interest of many visitors, mainly international tourists. Therefore, the Quang Binh travel guide would like to offer you this exciting new activity!

Quang Binh travel guide - Mud bathing

Experience mud bathing in Dark Cave

An underground river flows from the valley to the Chay River in Dark Cave that brings muck cleaned by tens of kilometers of limestone stones. People created the cave mud bathing service as a result of this. Visitors can enjoy a dip with the temperature at the cave about 16-18 degrees.

Because this is a new and highly unique sort of tourism that is good for health, hundreds of visitors come here every day to visit and explore. Isn’t it wonderful to have fun while still taking care of your health?


Visiting Quang Binh with sampling the local delicacies would be considered sufficient. The Quang Binh travel guide will help you quickly review the country’s rustic dishes.

Khoai Fish Hotpot

Khoai Fish Hotpot is a healthful dish that represents Quang Binh’s already diverse cuisine. This hotpot is one of the top 100 characteristic Vietnamese meals. If you visit Quang Binh, you should surely taste it.

Khoai Fish Hotpot is made using bummalo fish, which has soft bones and highly sweet meat. The majority of the fish in this area are caught and sold immediately, so they are pretty fresh. This is what distinguishes and distinguishes this hotpot from others.

Quang Binh travel guide - Khoai Fish Hotpot

Quang Binh’s Khoai Fish Hotpot is famous for its delicious and rich broth

Quang Binh people have a unique method of preparing Khoai Fish Hotpot. There must be good flavors in the hotpot cooking water, such as tomatoes, tamarind juice, and sour bamboo shoots. As a result, when consumed, it entirely eliminates the fishy taste and stimulates the exceptionally exquisite taste.

Khoai Fish Hotpot has also won over the most discerning and meticulous guests. The sweet, fresh, and savory flavors of the sea have helped the Khoai Fish Hotpot rise to the top of the list. The Quang Binh travel guide recommends this excellent and appealing dish!

Chao Canh – Porridge Soup

Chao Canh has another name which is called Banh Canh. This is a very popular dish here because it has a bold flavor of the specific identity of the Central region.

Chao Canh Quang Binh is created by kneading flour or rice flour and cutting it into bite-sized fibers. Chao Canh includes fish cake, pig bones, shrimp, snakehead fish or crab, and onion.

Quang Binh travel guide - Chao Canh

A simple dish full of love and affection

Chao Canh is eaten with a cup of spicy chili fish sauce in Quang Binh. This soup is an enticing dish that everyone wants to try. The Quang Binh travel guide believes when you eat, you will experience the rustic flavor of the countryside.

Khoai Deo

The Quang Binh travel guide wants to introduce you to a traditional Quang Binh dish, which is Khoai Deo. The main essential ingredient in Khoai Deo is red sweet potato grown on white beaches. The origin of raw components creates the flavor of this sweet potato.

Quang Binh travel guide - Khoai Deo

The taste is sweet and full of love

The most crucial stage in producing soft, supple, and sweet potato slices is incubation. It is boiled before being cut into thin slices and dried on the sand for 9-12 sunny days.

Visitors will taste the pure sweet potato flavor when eating. On the tip of the tongue, the sweet potato flavor melts. The good news is that they must be stored in a very dry environment to prevent sprouting.

Banh Khoai

Banh Khoai is a delicious specialty. Quang Binh travel guide advises you to remember to enjoy right in your Quang Binh trip. Basically, Banh Khoai Quang Binh is very similar to Southern Banh Xeo. The cake is rather large and has a crispy exterior. 

Quang Binh travel guide - Banh Khoai

Enjoy the specialty of Dong Hoi Quang Binh: Banh Khoai

The crust is made of finely ground rice flour mixed with water, which gives it a lovely golden tint. Shrimp, pork, and bean sprouts are included in the stuffing. The cake is served with sour star fruit and caustic banana, as well as additional herbs and salad. The dish is served with peanut sauce, which brings an unforgettable rich and fatty flavor.

Banh Beo – Loc – Nam

Banh Loc and Banh Nam Quang Binh are different from Da Nang or Hue cakes. The crust is constantly excellent because it is made with fresh tapioca flour. A mixture of wood ear, shrimp, pork, and peanuts is served with the filling and is highly greasy and delicious.

Quang Binh travel guide - Banh Loc

Attractive cakes in Quang Binh

Banh Beo similarly has roughness but maintains smoothness due to the thin crust formed of rice flour. The accompanying fish sauce is made according to a special recipe to enhance the dish’s flavor. Quickly write down familiar dishes but still have something new in your Quang Binh travel guide!

Although Quang Binh is a place with a harsh climate, it is compensated by nature with beautiful creation values that cannot be found anywhere else. It can be seen that Quang Binh is one of the most potential tourist destinations today. Dideden promises to bring you incredible experiences when coming to the tourist paradise of Central Vietnam with the above Quang Binh travel guide.

If you want to see more Quang Binh travel experiences, don’t hesitate to visit Travel News and Vietnam e-Visa for more details. Dideden is always here and ready to assist you with the Hotline at 1900 3398.