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3 Things to Do in Lan Ha Bay for an unforgettable experience

19/07/2023 thuy vy

Lan Ha Bay is a hidden gem nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Hai Phong Province, Vietnam. Located just South of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay offers a serene and less crowded alternative to its famous neighbor. With its emerald green waters, towering limestone cliffs, and pristine beaches, this captivating destination is a must-visit for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

In this article, we will explore the things to do in Lan Ha Bay to help you make the most of your visit. Let’s find out with Dideden in the article below now!


1. Overview of Location and Significance of Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is a stunning natural wonder situated East of Cat Ba Island (Hai Phong) and South of Ha Long Bay. It provides a tranquil and untouched alternative for travelers seeking a peaceful and pristine destination. Lan Ha Bay is one of the most destination natural wonders of Vietnam. Lan Ha Bay is a blue pearl island waiting for visitors to explore. It contains the essence of Northern in Vietnam.

Covering an area of approximately 7,000 hectares, Lan Ha Bay is known for its crystal-clear emerald waters. Towering limestone cliffs, and numerous small islands. The bay is part of the Cat Ba Archipelago, which includes around 400 small and large islands.

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to learn about its historical significance. The name “Lan Ha” carries historical and cultural meaning. “Lan” means “orchid,” and “Ha” translates to “descend” or “go down.” “Lan Ha” signifies the orchid flowers descending to Earth to beautify life.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-landscape

Lan Ha Bay – is likened to an orchid that has been brought down to earth to beautify life

This name originates from a legend that tells of ancient times when the country was under threat, and divine dragons were sent to protect Vietnam. These dragons came down from the sky and spewed precious stones. Then turned into thousands of limestone islands that include those found in Lan Ha Bay.

2. Contrasting Features Compared to Ha Long Bay

One significant difference between Lan Ha Bay compared to Ha Long Bay is its less crowds. With fewer tourists, Lan Ha Bay offers a quieter atmosphere. It allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature in a more relaxed way.

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to unwind on its pristine beaches. Lan Ha Bay has many secluded and less crowded beaches compared to Ha Long Bay. Beaches like Van Boi offer a sense of serenity and privacy that provides an opportunity for visitors to relax and indulge in the stunning coastal scenery.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-view

Towering limestone mountains nestled in emerald waters

Lan Ha Bay is renowned for its unspoiled and less bustling natural landscapes compared to Ha Long Bay. With its towering limestone cliffs and lush green mountain forests, Lan Ha Bay offers a majestic and untouched space for travelers to explore.

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3. Unique Ecosystem and Biodiversity of the Bay

Lan Ha Bay is not only a beautiful natural wonder of Vietnam but also a paradise for a unique and diverse ecosystem with abundant biodiversity.

Lan Ha Bay boasts a diverse marine ecosystem, home to numerous fish species, coral reefs, and other marine creatures. The pristine waters provide a suitable environment for the thriving marine life.

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to explore the mangrove forests. Surrounding the bay are vast mangrove forests that play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance. Mangroves act as a buffer zone, protecting the coast from erosion and serving as a nursery for many marine species.

Another activity among the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to learn about endangered species. Lan Ha Bay is home to several species listed in the Red Book. Among them is the Cat Ba langur, one of the rarest primates in the world. The surrounding areas of the bay, such as Cat Ba National Park will provide important habitats.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-Cat Ba National Park

Exploring Cat Ba National Park – One of the attractive things to do in Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha Bay is a haven for bird enthusiasts as it is home to many bird species. The bay and the surrounding islands serve as habitats for resident and migratory birds. It making the most tourist attraction in Vietnam for bird watching. Keep an eye out for species like the fishing eagle, heron, cormorant, and many others.

Another captivating activity among the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to admire the beauty of its coral reefs. The underwater world of Lan Ha Bay features vibrant coral reefs that support a variety of marine life. These reefs contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem and serve as important breeding grounds for many fish species.

The diverse and unique ecosystem of Lan Ha Bay highlights the importance of conservation and practicing sustainable tourism. Exploring the bay not only offers awe-inspiring natural beauty but also offers an opportunity to appreciate it. Moreover, we can understand the delicate balance of this particular ecosystem.


1. Getting from Major Cities to Lan Ha Bay

The closest major city to Lan Ha Bay is Hai Phong. You can book a flight to Cat Bi International Airport. From the airport, you can arrange transportation to the bay.

Once you reach Hai Phong, head to Ben Binh, where you can take a ferry to either Cai Vieng or Gia Luan, both ports on Cat Ba Island. The ferry journey takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour. From there, you can arrange transportation to Lan Ha Bay, which is about a 30-minute drive away.

Alternatively, you can take a high-speed boat from Hai Phong to Cat Ba Island. The boat ride is faster, taking around 30 minutes. After reaching Cat Ba Island, you can easily access Lan Ha Bay from there.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-transport

Taking a speedboat to Lan Ha Bay is a suitable option for all visitors

If you are in Hanoi, you have several options to get to Lan Ha Bay. The most common way is to take a bus or private car from Hanoi to Hai Phong, which takes about two hours. From Hai Phong, you can continue your journey to the bay by ferry or high-speed boat.

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to join a tour organized by travel agencies. Many tour companies offer organized trips to Lan Ha Bay which includes transportation from Hanoi or Hai Phong. Booking a tour can be a convenient option if you prefer a hassle-free experience.

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2. Best Time to Visit Lan Ha Bay

The best time to visit Lan Ha Bay is from April to June and September to November. During these periods, the weather is most favorable which provides optimal conditions for exploring the bay.

From April to June, Lan Ha Bay has pleasant temperatures. The weather is often sunny with less rainfall which creates excellent opportunities for activities in Lan Ha Bay such as cruising and beach exploration. The bay is less crowded than during the peak season which allows you to enjoy the natural beauty in a more peaceful setting.

The autumn season from September to November brings cooler temperatures to Lan Ha Bay. The weather is mild and comfortable. It makes an ideal time to explore the bay and its surrounding environment. It’s a great time for outdoor activities, photography, and enjoying the tranquility of this destination in the Gulf of Tonkin travel.

During these periods, you can avoid the peak tourist season from July to August when Lan Ha Bay tends to be more crowded. Additionally, the weather during these months offers a good balance of sunshine, manageable temperatures, and lower chances of rainfall.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-best time to visit

Lan Ha Bay is brilliant in the autumn sun

An important consideration among the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to note that weather conditions can be variable, and unexpected changes may occur. Checking the weather forecast beforehand and during your trip is advisable to ensure the best possible experience.

The stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, and diverse ecosystem of Lan Ha Bay promise to provide memorable and inspiring experiences. This place is one of the paradise places to visit in Vietnam. Let’s explore the best things to do in Lan Ha Bay.


1. Exploring Lan Ha Bay on a Traditional Junk Boat

One of the must-do activities in Lan Ha Bay is to explore the enchanting seascape on a traditional junk boat. That’s an authentic way to immerse yourself in the beauty of this remarkable North Vietnam travel destination.

You can step aboard a junk boat, a classic vessel with a rich cultural heritage, and embark on a unique adventure through the emerald waters of Lan Ha Bay. These traditional boats are often made of wood and designed with elegance that allows them to gracefully glide through the tranquil waters of the bay.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-activities

One of the unforgettable things to do in Lan Ha Bay on a traditional blackout boat

Another thing to do in Lan Ha Bay is to discover hidden corners inaccessible to larger vessels. Cruise through narrow channels, pass through limestone arches and explore secluded lagoons that remain untouched. Visitors will be amazed by the rugged rock formations, lush green foliage clinging to the cliffs, and crystal clear waters. The view invites you to dive for a refreshing swim.

On a boat tour, one of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to interact with local boatmen. These people have extensive knowledge of the bay and its hidden beauties. They will guide you with tips for the best things to do in Lan Ha Bay.

Exploring Lan Ha Bay on a traditional junk boat offers an authentic and intimate experience that allows you to connect with the rich cultural heritage and natural wonders of this hidden gem. Let the boat sway gently, and let the breathtaking scenery of the bay transport you to a serene and majestic world.

2. Sunset Cruise and Stargazing Experience

One of the best things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to experience the enchantment of the bay with a sunset cruise and stargazing at night. As the sun begins to set, embark on a journey that will leave you in awe of the natural beauty of the bay and the brilliant night sky above.

Stepping aboard a specially designed cruise boat allows you to enjoy the sunset and set sail on the calm waters of Lan Ha Bay. As the sun dips below the horizon, find an ideal spot on the deck to witness the mesmerizing sunset.

Gaze at the golden hues reflected on the tranquil waters that create a picturesque scene that will be etched in your memory. Capture the moment with your camera or simply immerse yourself in the serenity of the surrounding environment.

As night falls and the stars start to twinkle above, the true spectacle begins. One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to look up at the night sky and marvel at the countless stars adorning the sky. The shining stars reveal a panoramic display of a sparkling celestial wonderland that will captivate your heart.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-sightseeing

Visiting Lan Ha Bay on a luxury and noble cruiser

Another thing to do in Lan Ha Bay is to learn about constellations, planets, and the fascinating legends associated with them. Lean back on the deck or find a comfortable spot to sit and allow yourself to be mesmerized by the beauty of the night sky.

The peaceful atmosphere of Lan Ha Bay combined with the alluring stars above creates an enchanting ambiance, perfect for contemplation and relaxation amidst the wonders of the universe.

A sunset cruise and stargazing experience in Lan Ha Bay is one of the must-do activities that showcase the blend of natural beauty, the tranquility of the bay, and the inspiring wonders of the night sky. Let the beauty of the sunset and the brilliance of the stars create lasting memories. That you will get after soaking up the alluring atmosphere of this extraordinary destination.

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1. Cat Ba Island – Discovering the Largest Island in Lan Ha Bay

Cat Ba Island is one of the popular tourist places to visit in Northern Vietnam. It is located at the heart of Lan Ha Bay. Cat Ba Island is the largest of the archipelago and offers a unique blend. It is the crystallization of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and outdoor adventures.

One of the must-do activities in Lan Ha Bay is to explore the stunning and majestic landscapes of this island. With its diverse ecosystem, Cat Ba Island is home to many unique species. Its rich biodiversity and unique geological formations have earned it the status of a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Nature enthusiasts will find plenty to discover on Cat Ba Island. One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to visit Cat Ba National Park. Covering a significant portion of the island, Cat Ba National Park provides opportunities for long hikes and wildlife exploration.

Traverse through dense forests, uncover hidden waterfalls, and observe the diverse flora and fauna, including rare orchids and elusive wildlife.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-Cat Ba Island

Cat Ba Island – A destination not to be missed when visiting Lan Ha Bay

Exploring Cat Ba Island also offers opportunities for adventurous activities. Rock-climbing enthusiasts can challenge themselves on towering cliffs. While thrill-seekers can experience high-speed boat rides or explore the underwater world through diving or snorkeling.

Cat Ba Island promises to be one of the unforgettable in Lan Ha Bay, which showcases Vietnam’s finest coastal treasures. Whether it’s the island’s natural beauty or cultural encounters, outdoor adventures.

2. Monkey Island – Interact with Playful Primates and Enjoy Panoramic Views of the Bay

Monkey Island, also known as Cat Dua Island, is one of the natural places in Vietnam. It is located on the stunning Lan Ha Bay. True to its name, the island is inhabited by a herd of mischievous monkeys. It offers a unique opportunity to interact with these fascinating creatures and enjoy panoramic bay views.

Upon arrival at Monkey Island, you will be greeted by the lively antics of the monkeys. Their curiosity and playful nature create an entertaining atmosphere for visitors. One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay travel is to observe their acrobatics. Then watch them swing from trees, and even have the chance to feed them under the supervision of the island staff.

It is important, as one of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay, to follow the guidelines and feed the monkeys with the appropriate food provided.

For nature enthusiasts, Monkey Island offers a chance to explore the surrounding area. Take short walks along well-marked trails, immerse yourself in the lush greenery of the island, and enjoy the fresh air.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-monkey island

Monkey Island – A place to interact with playful and funny animals

One of the unmissable things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to discover hidden viewpoints. A place to help you see the breathtaking view of the bay, capturing the beauty of the natural landscape.

If you’re seeking relaxation, find a tranquil spot on the island’s secluded beaches and bask in the warm sunshine. You can relax through dip your toes in the crystal-clear water. Let’s take a refreshing swim, or simply unwind while listening to the gentle waves lapping against the shore.

Monkey Island provides a peaceful escape from bustling city life, combining captivating encounters with the primates and the enchanting beauty of nature. Immerse yourself in the playful world of monkeys, and admire the panoramic view of Lan Ha Bay. Then create unforgettable memories of this charming island with little things to do in Lan Ha Bay.

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3. Nam Cat Island: Relax on Secluded Beaches and Engage in Water Sports

Another enticing experience among the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to visit Nam Cat Island. Nestled in the enchanting Lan Ha Bay, Nam Cat Island offers a tranquil getaway for those seeking peace and adventure. With its pristine beaches and an array of water sports activities, Nam Cat Island promises relaxation and excitement.

Step onto the untouched shores of Nam Cat Island and feel the soft sand beneath your feet. This secluded beach provides a serene backdrop for relaxation and an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to find a cozy spot under the shade of palm trees, reclining on a beach chair. Then let the gentle sounds of the waves wash away your trouble in life. For adventurous souls, Nam Cat Island offers a range of water sports activities to satisfy your thrill-seeking desires. Grab a kayak and paddle through the calm waters, explore hidden corners of Lan Ha Bay.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-Nam Cat Island

Nam Cat Island – A paradise-like destination for enjoyment and relaxation

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay for diving enthusiasts is to dive into the pristine waters surrounding Nam Cat Island. It discovers vibrant coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. Immerse yourself in the underwater world, witness colorful fish swimming among the coral reefs, and experience the beauty of this captivating ecosystem.

If you prefer a more leisurely experience, leisurely swim in the inviting waters or simply relax on the beach, soaking up the warmth of the sun. Unwind with a good book, and enjoy a beachside picnic. Nam Cat Island offers an opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and reconnect with nature. Experience the raw beauty of the island, surrounded by lush greenery and the magnificent scenery of Lan Ha Bay.

With its secluded beaches, water sports activities, and peaceful ambiance, Nam Cat Island is one of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay for relaxation, and rejuvenation. It is a memorable experience in this picturesque land of Vietnam.


One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to embark on an enchanting kayaking journey through Dark Cave and Bright Cave. They are captivating destinations nestled within the mysterious Lan Ha Bay. Prepare to be amazed as you explore this mystical cave world, adorned with unique rock formations and serene beauty.

As you enter the Dark Cave, you will be welcomed by a narrow passage shrouded in darkness that creates an alluring and suspenseful atmosphere. Glide through the calm waters, guided by the soft glow of the kayak’s light, as you venture deeper into the cave.

Inside, you will witness the awe-inspiring wonders of nature. Be amazed by the magnificent stalactites and stalagmites adorning the cave walls, formed over thousands of years. The interplay of light and darkness creates a mesmerizing ambiance, enhancing the mysterious allure of the journey.

Continuing with the things to do in Lan Ha Bay, the kayaking journey takes you to Bright Cave, where a spectacular sight awaits. Stepping out of the darkness, you will be greeted by the surreal scene of sunlight streaming through openings in the cave ceiling.

The cave opens up to reveal a hidden lagoon, bathed in natural light and surrounded by towering cliffs. One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to marvel at the reflection of the limestone mountains in the emerald-colored water. It creates a picturesque scene that will leave you in awe.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-Kayaking

Kayaking to discover the mystery of the cave at Lan Ha Bay – One of the best things to do in Lan Ha Bay

Take your time to immerse yourself in the tranquility of the lagoon inside the Bright Cave. Leisurely paddle around, admire the beauty of the surrounding environment and capture memorable photos. The stillness of the water and the serenity of the cave provide a peaceful respite from the outside world.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of this enchanting environment, where the echoes of your paddle and the gentle lapping of water against the cave walls create a symphony of tranquility. Listen closely, and you may even hear the melodious chirping of birds nesting within the cave.

This journey offers an opportunity to connect with the wonders of nature in a truly immersive way. Traverse the dark passages, marvel at the stalactites, and step into the radiant beauty of the cave. One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay, this experience will leave you with enduring memories of the remarkable cave world of Lan Ha Bay.

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1. Explore Floating Fishing Villages

Travelers can visit the floating fishing villages in Lan Ha Bay to gain a glimpse into the local way of life. These villages are home to vibrant fishing communities that have been living on the bay for generations.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-fishing village

Viet Hai Village – A rich and unique floating fishing village in Lan Ha Bay

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to take a tour on a traditional bamboo boat and explore the floating houses, fish farms, and bustling markets. Interact with residents, learn about their daily activities, and gain a deeper understanding of their unique culture.

2. Indulge in Fresh Seafood

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to immerse yourself in the exquisite flavors with a sumptuous seafood feast and indulge your taste buds. As a coastal paradise, Lan Ha Bay is renowned for its delicious and succulent seafood that makes it a haven for food enthusiasts.

One fascinating aspect of things to do in Lan Ha Bay is enjoying the flavors and textures that come alive as you sample the dishes. They are prepared by skilled local chefs who have mastered the art of showcasing the region’s culinary treasures.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-sea food

Fresh seafood – A specialty not to be missed in this majestic sea

For those seeking unique culinary experiences, enjoy a meal in a floating village where residents harmoniously live with the sea. Soak up the lively atmosphere as you enjoy freshly caught seafood. Surrounded by the beautiful scenery and captivating sounds of the floating residential community.

3. Engage in Cultural Activities

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to immerse yourself in the local culture of the coastal area. Explore by visiting nearby villages and interacting with friendly locals. One of the other things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to immerse yourself in the cultural indigenous life of the coastal area. You can visit nearby villages and interact with friendly locals.

Another appealing aspect of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to learn about their traditions, participate in traditional activities, and taste local delicacies. From traditional music performances to handicraft workshops. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with the rich cultural heritage of the area.

One of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay is to experience the thrill of squid fishing under the starry night sky. Join a squid fishing excursion and learn traditional techniques from local fishermen.

Things to do in Lan Ha Bay-squid fishing

Squid fishing is one of the unique things to do in Lan Ha Bay not to be missed

Feel the excitement as you lower the fishing line into the water and wait for the elusive squid to bite. This is one of the things to do in Lan Ha Bay that make you have an enjoyable and memorable experience. A unique and memorable activity that provides a glimpse into the traditional fishing practices of the region.

Lan Ha Bay is an enchanting destination, offering a multitude of activities for adventurers, relaxation seekers, and cultural enthusiasts. With its spectacular scenery, pristine waters, it promises an unforgettable experience for all who visit.

So pack your bags, explore the beauty of Lan Ha Bay, and create memories that will last a lifetime. We hope that our article helps you discover the things to do in Lan Ha Bay for a fantastic journey here!

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