Top 10 Reasons To Take A Vietnam Tour 2023 | Wonderful Places That Should Not Be Missed

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The Vietnam tour is a fantastic tour for those who love traveling and exploring nature, history, and food. Vietnam is growing at a fast pace and focusing on expanding tourism. But if you are finding a quiet island to relax, a charming city, or a beautiful beach, Vietnam will be heaven for you. 

In this post, we’re sharing the 10 reasons why you should take a Vietnam tour at least once as well as some wonderful places that you can visit! Let’s check it out!


Vietnam is a country in Southeast Asia. With a land size of 331,212 square kilometers and a population of 99 million, it is situated on the eastern fringe of continental Southeast Asia. Vietnam is also the 15th-most populous nation in the world. 

To the North, Vietnam borders China, to the West, Laos, and to the South, Cambodia. Through the Gulf of Thailand, it borders Thailand, and through the South China Sea, it borders the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is its largest city. And Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, which has a beauty imbued with Vietnamese culture.

Vietnam tour - A Terraced Field in Vietnam

A Terraced Field in Vietnam

In Vietnam, there are a lot of beautiful sceneries, including beaches, lakes, caves, forests, waterfalls, and many big cities with interesting historical stories. Therefore, taking a Vietnam tour is the best idea for you this summer.


1. Glorious History

Why should you take a Vietnam tour? We can say that glorious history is a part. The civilization of Vietnam stretches back to 2,000 BC. Its history is complex, beginning with the Dong Son civilization that lasted for thousands of years and passing through a variety of rulers, lords, and dynasties. This is true of many other nations in the region as well.

Vietnam tour - Quoc Tu Giam Temple

Quoc Tu Giam Temple

Vietnamese culture has been impacted by a variety of cultures, including Chinese, Khmer, Indian, and French colonial cultures.

Through numerous architectural features, museums, and excursions, such as those through the tunnel networks beneath Ho Chi Minh City, a significant portion of Vietnam’s history is brought to life for tourists.

By visiting these locations, you will be able to witness Vietnam through the eyes of the Vietnamese. You can also learn how their long history has influenced the culture we know today.

2. Delicious Food

Vietnamese food is a thing that can not be missed when coming here. Foodies around the world seek out authentic Vietnamese cuisine because it’s simply the best.

The daily mainstays that you must try are seafood, spring rolls, Banh Mi (Vietnamese baguette), sticky rice, and Pho noodle soup. Besides, Vietnam is known for its street food. Grab a small plastic stool from one of those curbside food stands, and take a seat there. You can taste some good flavors like Banh Trang Tron, Hot Ga Nuong, and Xoai Lac, …

Vietnam tour - Street Food in Vietnam

Street Food in Vietnam

Due to its geographical setting, Vietnam is a great place to indulge in some of the best fruit available. It can provide you access to certain traditional fruits like watermelon, pineapple, bananas, and mangos, as well as introduce you to some novel flavors like lychee, durian, and mangosteen.

3. Friendly People

Vietnam is a country that has 3 regions: North, Central, and South. So, people of each region will have a different voice as well as culture. However, from the metropolitan centers to the rural countryside, people are friendly. While you’re here, don’t be afraid to meet people and learn about the local way of life.

Vietnam tour - Friendly Vietnamese people

Friendly Vietnamese people

The people in these areas are more than happy to assist you with a smile, even if you are feeling overwhelmed by the unfamiliar culture, language, and surroundings.

Some locals have even been known to guide lost tourists to their intended destination to make sure they arrive there safely.

When taking a Vietnam tour, if you meet someone so bad, we hope you don’t care and think badly of Vietnamese people. Because every country all have bad ingredients on that social. 

4. Reasonable Cost

With the low cost of a Vietnam trip, you can be indifferent to visiting and staying anywhere on your Vietnam tour. 

Vietnam can satisfy your requirement for quality while yet offering you a fantastic low-cost vacation. You will be able to spend your money as you like with a large range of hostels available at really low rates.

Vietnam tour - A Luxury View Of A Hotel in Saigon

A Luxury View Of A Hotel in Saigon

Travelers on a budget will like Vietnam. For just 30,000 VND (1,28 USD), you can have some excellent street cuisine. Generally speaking, the price of a 5-star hotel in Vietnam is comparable to that of a 3-star hotel in the USA. It’s so great to consider, right?

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5. A Safety Place

Despite what you may have heard, Vietnam is a safe place. Gun ownership is prohibited in the nation. Therefore, petty theft is the only issue you need to be concerned about. There are no problems with traveling alone through Vietnam if you’re a solitary traveler. Don’t worry so much when taking a Vietnam tour because all the bad cases are so hard to happen.  

Vietnam tour - Mu Cang Chai

Mu Cang Chai – Vietnam

6. Gorgeous Architecture

On a Vietnam tour, you must visit the gorgeous architecture from the North to the South. From the middle of the 19th century until 1940, the French conquered Vietnam. This can be seen in the architecture of many of the buildings. These structures have been well-preserved in Vietnam for both locals and tourists to enjoy. 

Vietnam tour - The Pink Domaine de Marie Chapel - Da Lat

The Pink Domaine de Marie Chapel – Da Lat

The Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, and City Hall are the best spots in Ho Chi Minh City to witness this kind of architecture. For examples of French architecture in Dalat, see the pink Domaine de Marie chapel and the Dalat Railway Station

7. Nature Beauty: Beautiful Beaches & Magnificent Mountains

A big reason for visiting Vietnam is its natural beauty, including beaches and mountains. Booking a private Vietnam tour right now! 

With 3,000 kilometers of coastline, Vietnam is blessed with some of the best beaches in the world. The Karst mountains, which run from the East to the West coast and rise from the sea, must be seen in person to be truly appreciated. Many hikers will spend their entire journey on the narrow roads and difficult routes that lead to these peaks.

Vietnam tour - Beautiful Beach in Vietnam

A Beautiful Beach in Vietnam

Mountaineers will like Vietnam, which is home to Fansipan, the highest peak in Indochina. Serious mountain hikers as well as recreational travelers can conquer Sapa

Vietnam tour - Vietnam Mountain Range

Vietnam Mountain Range

Even if you are unable to visit all of Vietnam’s world heritage sites, some of the scenery can be found in even the most ordinary locations and are worth viewing.

8. The Best Coffee in The World

Vietnam is the second-largest coffee exporter in the world. The country has a fantastic coffee culture. Try all types of coffee, including black coffee, coffee with condensed milk, coffee with coconut milk, coffee with egg yolk, and coffee with yogurt.

Vietnam tour - The Best Coffee in The World

The Best Coffee in The World

With coffee shops on nearly every street and cafes to suit every taste, Vietnam is a coffee lover’s paradise. These are fantastic locations to meet locals or tourists. Alternately, unwind and recharge while giving your feet a break from all the walking.

If you are a person who loves coffee and its story, you should take a Vietnam tour right away.

9. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

World heritage sites in Vietnam are important locations to the cultural or natural heritage according to the 1972 UNESCO world heritage Convention. In Vietnam, there are 8 world heritage sites, including 5 cultural sites, 2 natural sites, and 1 mixed.

Vietnam tour - Trang An Landscape Complex

Trang An Landscape Complex

Some outstanding world heritage sites are Ha Long Bay, Trang An Landscape Complex, Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, and Hoi An Ancient Town. We are sure that visiting UNESCO world heritage sites will be one of the best Vietnam trips that you should try. 

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10. Cheap Shopping

Consider getting custom suits, shirts, pants, and dresses created if you have 1-2 weeks to spend in Vietnam. You get to pick the fabrics, colors, and how well your clothing fits your body. It is best to seek quotes from several tailors because clothes quality and price differ.

Vietnam tour - Ao Dai

Ao Dai

Traditional Vietnamese clothing (Ao Dai) is one of the distinctive items to take into consideration having tailored. In Vietnam, all sexes wear Ao Dai to the office and for formal events. You can order one to be manufactured as a memento of your Vietnam tour.


1. Vietnam Tour – The Outstanding Big Cities

Hanoi – The City for Peace

Hanoi is one of the best cities to visit in Vietnam. The Vietnamese capital of Hanoi is a famous city with a lot of beautiful architecture, traditional cultures, an enigmatic youth scene, and a long history. Hanoi was given the name ‘’The City of Peace’’ by UNESCO in 1999. 

Vietnam tour - Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi

Hoan Kiem Lake in Hanoi

Hue – The Imperial City To Visit In Vietnam

Hue is a romantic city with a long and illustrious history. Hue is one of the most charming towns in Vietnam, located on the banks of the Huong River. The city is suitable for you to take a Vietnam tour package.

Vietnam tour - Huong River - Hue

Huong River – Hue

Da Nang – The City of Bridges

Da Nang is a perfect city for you with white sandy beaches. Da Nang is located between Hanoi in the North and Ho Chi Minh City in the South. If you want to relax after hard working days and chill with nature, make a Da Nang Vietnam tour right now!

Vietnam tour - Da Nang - The City of Bridges

Da Nang – The City of Bridges

Ho Chi Minh City – The City That Never Sleeps

Ho Chi Minh City offers a variety of historical and cultural attractions throughout the day, but at night it comes to life. The majority of people, mainly visitors, come to Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy and experience the pavement life thanks to its dynamic rhythm, bustling sounds, and brilliant lights.

Vietnam tour - Ben Thanh Market

Ben Thanh Market

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2. Vietnam Tour – The Gorgeous Lakes

Ba Be Lake – Bac Kan

Ba Be Lake is the biggest lake in Vietnam, located in Bac Kan Province. With a total surface area of about 500 hectares, Ba Be Lake is a trio of connected lakes. It comes as no surprise that the name Ba Be Lake is actually “three lakes.” Moreover, it is a protected area of Ba Be National Park.

Vietnam tour - Ba Be Lake - Bac Kan

Ba Be Lake – Bac Kan

Tuyen Lam Lake – Da Lat

One of the most beautiful lakes is Tuyen Lam Lake, which is located 10 kilometers from the city of Da Lat and has a 350-hectare surface area. The picturesque charm of Tuyen Lam Lake draws visitors in like other Da Lat tourist attractions do.

Vietnam tour - Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam Lake – Da Lat

West Lake – Hanoi

West Lake is a famous lake in Hanoi that you should visit on a Vietnam tour. It was once thought to be one of the most significant sites in the old Vietnamese capital.

Vietnam tour - West Lake

West Lake – Hanoi

You may view enormous fields of water lilies at the appropriate time of year. Some of Hanoi’s best cafes and restaurants with breathtaking lake views can be found near West Lake for both locals and foreign visitors. For the best sunsets in the region, come here in the late afternoon.

Thac Ba Lake – Yen Bai

Thac Ba Lake is in Yen Bai Province, one of the most wonderful lakes in Vietnam. The Thac Ba Hydroelectric Plant created this lake, which is the largest artificial lake in Vietnam at approximately 23,000 hectares.

Vietnam tour - Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Lake – Yen Bai

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3. Vietnam Tour – The Charming Islands

Ly Son Island – Quang Ngai 

Ly Son Island was dubbed “The Kingdom of Garlic.” Due to volcanic eruptions, Ly Son has fertile soil that is perfect for cultivating premium garlic. Numerous tourists are now drawn to this secluded islet by its imposing, steep escarpments, dazzling blue waters, and unspoiled wildlife. The fact that the natural scenery is still mostly untouched makes it highly alluring.

Vietnam tour - Ly Son Island

Ly Son Island – Quang Ngai

Phu Quoc Island – Kien Giang

Phu Quoc is a beautiful island in Kien Giang Province. It is a lot more developed and crowded. One of the ideal Vietnam holiday packages is this one. The ocean is amazingly tranquil and the beaches are stunning because of the natural shelter provided by the islands off the shore. The island’s tropical forests continue to expand further inland. 

Vietnam tour - Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island – Kien Giang

Binh Ba Island – Khanh Hoa

Binh Ba, another name is Lobster Island, which is located 20 kilometers off the mainland. This is absolutely gorgeous and well worth heading to if you have the opportunity. Binh Ba is also the famous place where people who love food go to enjoy copious amounts of fresh seafood on the smooth, white sand beaches. Let’s make a Central Vietnam tour right now!

Vietnam tour - Binh Ba Island - Khanh Hoa

Binh Ba Island – Khanh Hoa

Co To Island – Quang Ninh

Beautiful Co To Islands is located in Northern Vietnam. The islands are well-liked by local tourists, although few foreign visitors are aware of them. The islet is home to several remarkable gemstone conformations at Cay My, which are definitely worth visiting, with magnificent strands framed by clear, turquoise waters. Nice beaches, crystal-clear water, and amazing rock formations will all be present.

Vietnam tour - Co To Island - Quang Ninh

Co To Island – The hidden pearl of Quang Ninh

4. Vietnam Tour – The Best Camping Sites

Ta Dung Nature Reserve – Dak Nong

Known as Ha Long Bay of the Central Highlands, Ta Dung Lake is a wonderful place for camping in Vietnam. Ta Dung Lake is a main point of Ta Dung Nature Reserve with its wilderness and ecological characteristics. Ta Dung Nature Reserve is spanned across 20,000 hectares. It is made up of over 36 islands lying close to one another. 

Vietnam tour - Ta Dung Nature Reserve

Ta Dung Nature Reserve – Dak Nong

Mui Yen – Binh Thuan 

Do you want a real camping day and a tranquil place to immerse yourself perfectly in nature? Mui Yen is a great space for camping in Vietnam to meet your requirements. You will be sightseeing the white sand deserts with grass-covered hills and cliffs stretching to the blue ocean, vast sand dunes glistening, and a few fishing boats here.

Vietnam tour - Mui Yen

Mui Yen – Binh Thuan

Dau Tieng Reservoir – Binh Duong

Dau Tieng Reservoir is a place for camping near Ho Chi Minh City which is a 90 kilometers drive. Dau Tieng Lake is not strange for a lot of youngsters because it is a wonderful place to camp but not much expensive. With plenty of waterfront space for campgrounds, you can pitch a tent anywhere here. We are sure this place will be one of the best Vietnam tours. 

Vietnam tour - Dau Tieng Reservoir

Dau Tieng Reservoir – Binh Duong

Dong Cao Plateau – Bac Giang

Dong Cao Plateau has a high altitude of about 1,000 meters above sea level. You will see huge forests, ancient rocks in strange shapes, and the moment of sunrise over the mountains here. 

Vietnam tour - Dong Cao Plateau

Dong Cao Plateau – Bac Giang

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5. Vietnam Tour – The Fantastic National Parks

Tam Dao National Park – Vinh Phuc

Because it is a place with a variety of ecosystems and microhabitats with high biodiversity, Tam Dao National Park in the Northern province of Vinh Phuc is the ideal site for outdoor enthusiasts. The park can not be missed on your Vietnam tour. 

Vietnam tour - Tam Dao National Park - Vinh Phuc

Tam Dao National Park – Vinh Phuc

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – Quang Binh

The Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – a UNESCO world heritage site, is located in the North Central Coast region of Vietnam, 500 kilometers South of Hanoi. The 2,000 square kilometers limestone region contains Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. The main zone of this national park is 857.54 square kilometers and the buffer zone is 1,954 square kilometers. 

Vietnam tour - Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park - Quang Binh

Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park – Quang Binh

Cuc Phuong National Park – Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa

Vietnam’s first and largest wildlife reserve is Cuc Phuong National Park. The park is only nearly 100 kilometers from Hanoi and is one of the most easily accessible parks Vietnam has to offer. Add this place to your Vietnam tour right now.

Vietnam tour - Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phuong National Park – Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa

Con Dao National Park – Ba Ria-Vung Tau

Con Dao is one of the great national parks in Vietnam that still holds its wild beauty. Con Dao National Park sits 80 kilometers out in the East Sea and is accessible by ferry from Mekong or by plane from Ho Chi Minh City. This place will be one of the best Vietnam tour packages in 2023. 

Vietnam tour - Con Dao Museum

Con Dao Museum

6. Vietnam Tour – The Majestic Caves 

Son Doong Cave – Quang Binh 

It is challenging to convey Son Doong Cave’s breathtaking magnificence. The limestone caves of Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park in the Bo Trach District of Quang Binh Province include this one. In 1991, a native named Ho Khanh found the cave. It should be added to your Vietnam itinerary list. 

Vietnam tour - Son Doong Cave – Quang Binh

Son Doong Cave – Quang Binh

Trang An Cave System – Ninh Binh

Exploring beautiful caves on a Vietnam tour, the Trang An Cave system is a place that you should visit. Due to the breathtaking natural beauty of the scenic scenery and wonderful caves, Trang An is a popular tourist destination. This place is one of the best Vietnam luxury tours.

Vietnam tour - Trang An Cave System - Ninh Binh

Trang An Cave System – Ninh Binh

There are 48 caves connected to 31 lagoons in this area. The Dia Linh Cave, Sinh Duoc Cave, and May Cave are only a few of the caverns that are longer than 2 kilometers. Each of them is beautiful and has its own quality. Some of them are even acknowledged as ancient artifacts. 

Tam Coc – Bich Dong – Ninh Binh

Tam Coc Bich Dong is referred to as “Ha Long Bay on land,” a posh term. Three caves are part of Tam Coc – Bich Dong, which is situated on Ngu Nhac Mountain about 7 kilometers South of Ninh Binh. These caverns are Ca Cave, Hai Cave, and Ba Cave.

Vietnam tour - Tam Coc – Bich Dong

Tam Coc – Bich Dong – Ninh Binh

Sitting on the boat on the Ngo Dong River, you may take in the breathtaking beauty of this place. Don’t forget Tam Coc – Bich Dong Cave on your Vietnam tour!

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These are the top 10 reasons why you should take a Vietnam tour at least once that Dideden introduced you. We hope you look for the best place to visit this summer. Therefore, thank you for your reference to our post. We are waiting for you to make a Vietnam tour right away!

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