Airfare to Thailand heat up because of the 2022 AFF Cup

13/01/2023 huynhle

In Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, airfare to Thailand spiked on the day of the AFF Cup final second leg between Vietnam and Thailand.

Airfare to Thailand became HOT because fans flocked to watch the AFF Cup final

The second leg between Vietnam and Thailand will take place on January 16 at Thammasat Stadium, with a capacity of 25,000 seats. The organizers sold more than 20,000 tickets online. The ticketing gate opened at 10 am on January 12, and after only a few minutes, the Thai team’s fan page immediately posted a photo announcing that they sold out all tickets.

According to SMMSPORT, this is a record ticket sales speed of FAT with a match in a regional tournament like AFF Cup 2022, showing that fans are highly anticipating the final between Thailand and Vietnam.

Vietnam’s passionate fans also took the opportunity to immediately hunt for tickets to Thailand to cheer the home team in the tournament’s final match. On the national airline Vietnam Airlines website, flights from Hanoi to Bangkok on January 16 are all out-of-economy tickets, only a few flexible economy tickets, and business tickets. On some airlines’ websites of Vietnam, flights to Bangkok on January 16 from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City achieved very high occupancy rates, and ticket sales increased rapidly.

Everyone flocked to Bangkok to cheer for the AFF cup final

Plane tickets to Thailand become hot

Suppose you accept to take an extra night of hotel rent or organize a Thai outing. Customers departing from January 15 can choose standard economy class tickets on some early morning flights, but the lowest price is also nearly 3.8 million VND/way. There are no cheaper tickets.

Meanwhile, passengers from Hanoi are still willing to buy tickets to Thailand immediately on January 13 for more than 2 million VND/way. It can be seen how great the love of Vietnamese people for football is. From the beginning of Ho Chi Minh City, flights to Bangkok on January 16 are equally “hot.” 

Bangkok is one of the most attractive destinations for Vietnamese people. Near the Tet holiday, flights to Thailand consistently achieve a reasonably high occupancy rate, plus the attraction from the AFF Cup final, so the number of tickets sold on January 15-16 increased sharply. Due to too many buyers, the cheap fare strip quickly sold out, and only high-priced tickets remained.

Transportation to Thammasat Stadium

Thammasat Stadium is just over 40 km north of Bangkok, so if you already own a plane ticket to Thailand to cheer on the Vietnamese team, you can refer to the transportation from the airport to the stadium as follows:

– Take the train: From Hua Lamphong (Bangkok Railway station), you move to Rangsit station and take a taxi to the match venue. The travel time by train is about an hour, not counting the distance from the stop to the stadium. The train ticket price from 12 baht (nearly 9,000 VND).

– Bus: From Mochit bus station, you can take bus number 39 or 510 near Thammasat Stadium for 7 – 22 baht (from 5,000 – 16,000 VND). The journey lasts 30-60 minutes, depending on the type of vehicle. Note that the orange bus will run faster.

– Taxi: The price of a metered taxi from the center of Bangkok to the venue of the match is 300 baht (about 210,000 VND). If you catch a taxi around midnight, you may pay an additional service fee but increase it by no more than 50 baht (about 35,000 VND).

Thammasat is the venue for the AFF Cup final

Thammasat Stadium is the venue for the AFF Cup final

Note that you should leave early, except for traffic jams in Bangkok that may cause you to miss the match. In addition, you can consult and choose the best airfare to Thailand to prepare for the journey to cheer for the Vietnamese team.

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