Top 10 tourist destinations in Da Lat you should not miss

10/03/2023 Trần Bích Trà

Referring to tourist destinations in Da Lat, people always admire the charming and poetic scenery of this flowery city.  In particular, this city also owns a cool climate, slightly chilly weather is very convenient for traveling. Therefore, this place is an ideal choice for domestic and foreign tourists. 

Dalat is located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. As a city with a temperate climate, cool all year round, Dalat is known as “The City of Eternal Spring”. Beyond the city, Dalat is surrounded by pine forests and more rolling hills, which always seem to be shrouded in the perfect amount of opaque mist. Let’s explore the top 10 of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Da Lat!

Doi May Tourist Area

Doi May is one of Da Lat’s tourist destinations that is loved by “cloud-hunting” people. The tourist area is designed according to the model of community tourism, with an area of ​​up to 1.5 hectares. When coming here, you will admire the majestic mountains and have the opportunity to watch the clouds drifting in the heart of the valley.

Besides, this place also owns the wonderful scenery of the vast flower fields. Coming to the Doi May tourist area, you will fully approve the beautiful scenery like a fairyland.

Not only beautiful scenery, but when traveling at Doi May, visitors also have a chance to experience many exciting activities. Such as participating in outdoor activities, teambuilding, sunrise, and camping,… As well as have the opportunity to enjoy delicious grilled dishes by the campfire in the chilly atmosphere of Da Lat. Surely, this place will be a tourist destination in Da Lat in 2023 to leave you with wonderful and unforgettable experiences.


Fairyland Doi May Tourist Area

Lam Vien Square

Lam Vien Square – Da Lat tourist destination helps you to have many virtual live photos. This place owns a giant wild sunflower symbol representing the city of thousands of flowers. In addition, Lam Vien Square also has a large, airy, and cool area. It is considered by young people as a favorite place to hang out and gather.

Especially at night, there are car rental services, roller skates are extremely bustling and vibrant. During the day, you should go with friends to come here to enjoy street food such as grilled skewers, grilled rice paper, … Drinking a cup of hot coffee will definitely leave an unforgettable feeling.

da lat

Giant wild sunflower symbol in Lam Vien Square

Datanla Waterfall

Located in the tourist area of the same name – Datanla Waterfall is a tourist destination in Da Lat that you absolutely should not miss. The waterfall has a wild and idyllic beauty but is equally poetic and romantic.

When arriving here, visitors can feel the cool air and hear the gentle sound of water flowing, murmuring through the cliffs. It’s mild, but when falling down rapids of more than 20 meters high, the water flow becomes more intense than ever. Towards the end of the waterfall, the water returns a fierce rumbling but instead is a smooth, gentle stream like a fairy stream.

Besides, Datanla Waterfall also entertains visitors with thousands of adventure games such as: swinging over the waterfall, swinging through the forest, going sledding,… All will bring you a wonderful and unforgettable experience.


Poetic scene of Datanla Waterfall

Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake is one of Da Lat’s tourist destinations that is very familiar to domestic and foreign tourists. Located right in the center area, this place is also known as the “Green Pearl” of the city. When coming here, you can freely enjoy the poetic scenery around you as well as the peace in the middle of the clear lake.


Xuan Huong Lake is the “green pearl” of Da Lat City

In addition, Xuan Huong Lake is also known as the ideal dating place for couples in love. Imagine the scene of two lovers walking hand in hand around the lake to catch the cool breeze, watching the gentle clear water. Isn’t it wonderful?

Than Tho Lake

Located about 7 kilometers from the center of the city, Than Tho Lake is a Da Lat tourist destination associated with a touching and tragic story about love. This is also a favorite place for couples when coming to the dreamy city of Da Lat.

Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the mountainous nature of the mountain town. Admiring the charming picture of a lake, mountains, and pine forests surrounding. Additionally, the space around Than Tho Lake is very spacious, so there are often camping, horse riding, or duck riding activities on the lake,… It’s worth the experience, isn’t it?


Than Tho Lake’s dreamy scenery at sunset

Da Lat Cathedral (Chicken Church)

Chicken Church or Da Lat Cathedral is an architectural structure on an extremely large scale and monumental. Although it is designed in the classical Roman architectural style, it has many colors, thus creating a perfect construction. Every detail inside and outside is meticulously crafted. As soon as you arrive at this place, you can immediately feel the characteristics of Christianism.


Chicken Church or Da Lat Cathedral has a Roman architectural style

The top of the Church has a very unique metal Rooster shape. When zooming out, you can see the whole city full of romantic and dreamy. Therefore, this is considered Da Lat’s tourist destination that should not be missed.

Dalat City Flower Garden

Dalat City Flower Garden – Bich Cau Flower Garden – is a tourist destination in Da Lat that attracts all visitors who have the opportunity to come to this city. This place has countless beautiful, colorful, and fragrant flowers. There are more than 200 different flower species with both domestic and imported flowers.

When visiting here, visitors can have for themselves the most beautiful and impressive photos with beautiful flowers. It would not be too exaggerated to say that Dalat City Flower Garden is a museum of the most beautiful types. You will be overwhelmed with the brilliance of the flowers from the entrance to the interior. Let’s make the best memories here!


Different kinds of colorful flowers in Da Lat City Flower Garden

Van Thanh Flower Village

Da Lat is also known by many people as the city of thousands of flowers. This place has favorable soil and climate for many flowers to bloom. Therefore, when it comes to Da Lat’s tourist destinations, many people immediately think of the immense flower gardens.

Van Thanh Flower Village is one of the oldest and largest flower villages in Da Lat. Coming here, tourists can feel like they are lost in the paradise of thousands of flowers. The gentle fragrance combined with the vibrant colors of the flowers creates an extremely poetic and romantic scene.


Lost in the paradise of flowers in Van Thanh Flower Village

The last 3 months of the year are the most suitable time to visit the flower village. At this time, all flowers are in full bloom. Here, visitors are free to check in live virtual and have hundreds of beautiful photos to bring back. 

What are you waiting for? Put on some gorgeous outfits and visit Van Thanh Flower Village today!

Langbiang Mountain

Seemed as the heart of Da Lat, Langbiang mountain is famous for picnics, and nature exploration that attracts young people who love backpacking and adventurers. It is the common home of many herbs, rare plants, and precious birds. In addition, you can try climbing, paragliding, and conquering the top of the mountain.

Moreover, on the top, there are many fun spots such as flower gardens, bonsai, coffee shops, binoculars area, … This is indeed a Da Lat tourist destination that is worth experiencing, isn’t it?


Early morning on Langbiang Mountain in Da Lat City

ZooDoo Coffee and Zoo

A  tourist destination in Da Lat that is extremely attractive to tourists recently is ZooDoo Coffee and Zoo. This is a very unique model of a cafe combined with a zoo. ZooDoo’s main house is surrounded by a fresh and quiet pine forest. Coming here, you will definitely like animals that are both gentle and funny animals such as camels, sheep, ponies, and kangaroos, …


Friendly and lovely camels in ZooDoo Coffee and Zoo

ZooDoo Zoo is also a great place for camping. When camping here, you will not need to prepare anything because tents, stoves, and other essential items are available at a reasonable price. How wonderful!

Da Lat is a particularly attractive city. Everywhere you look, you can see poetic and charming features. Those who have never been there are eager to go, and those who have come are reluctant to leave. Above are the Top 10 tourist destinations in Da Lat that you should not miss. Hopefully, with useful information, you will have a meaningful trip in the foggy city.

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