10 best dive sites in vietnam and tips for divers

24/03/2023 KhanhPhuong

Dive sites in Vietnam are no longer strange to explorers around the world. Vietnam has a 3,260-kilometer coastline, providing diving enthusiasts with excellent opportunities for scuba diving and snorkeling.Therefore, if you visit Vietnam and miss out on this exciting activity, you will be remiss. So let’s take a deeper look into the top 10 places to dive in Vietnam with dideden.com.


Moray Beach

Moray Beach is tucked away in the heart of the East Sea, situated in Nha Trang province. It is certain that you’ll be astounded as you explore one of the most mysterious marine habitats on earth. 

Scorpionfish, clownfish, and black frogfish are some you can watch with Nha Trang diving as they swim their way through coral reefs there. 

dive sites in Vietnam - Moray beach

Immerse yourself in the sea with countless beautiful sea creatures.

You could come across a few nudibranch molluscs, and if you get to visit the legendary caverns of Moray, you might see pipefish, razorfish, and devil scorpionfish. At a maximum depth of roughly 18 meters/60 feet, this site is ideal for both novice and experienced divers.

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Madonna Rock

Another wondrous destination on the list of the best dive sites in Vietnam is Madonna Rock. It’s the place where the sea shelters several rock niches and tunnels.

Several marine organisms, such as glassfish, flatworms, shrimp species, and ghost fish, find refuge among these rocks. Aside from them, moray eels and lionfish are frequently observed wandering around the water, while octopuses arrive from time to time.

Ho Trau Nam

Another popular destination for scuba diving in Vietnam is Ho Trau Nam in Whale Island. This is also known as Three King Island, features three peaks that come to the surface from beneath the ocean.

This dive site in Vietnam is a favorite of species such as manta rays, eagle rays, and stingrays. The seabed at this place is likewise quite magnificent.. Corals and gorgonians decorate the floor, forming an elaborate labyrinthine network of underwater flora.

dive sites in Vietnam - whale island

The beautiful seabed in Ho Trau Nam

White Rock, located a bit further out from the main scenery of Whale Island, is yet another one of excellent dive sites in Vietnam. This dive spot has a diving depth of roughly 40 meters and is teeming with massive rays. Numerous granite summits are interwoven with black coral and gorgonian on the seafloor.

Nudibranch Gardens

Smaller marine animals prefer this location, making it a unique location for snorkeling in Vietnam. Don’t be shocked if a swarm of these tiny animals flies straight by you. 

dive sites in Vietnam - Nudibranch Gardens

Small marine animals make Nudibranch Gardens an unique

Bamboo sharks may also be found here. Coral reefs and rocks create a one-of-a-kind underwater scene that is further enhanced by dark red gorgonian. Most creatures like to hide in the nooks and crevices of the rocks, so don’t forget to look for them.

Hon Ko, Phu Quoc

Also known as ‘Dry Island’, this destination is worthy of Phu Quoc diving just for its spectacular underwater coral reef system. 

You could notice a few rocks breaching the surface, but don’t be fooled! It pales in comparison to the intricate seabed underneath, which is home to a variety of aquatic species including mitre shells, rays, bamboo sharks, nudibranchs, catfish, and scorpionfish.

An Thoi Islands

For more difficult Phu Quoc diving, visit the An Thoi Islands, a series of 15 islets off the south coast that some consider to be the greatest dive sites in Vietnam

dive sites in Vietnam - An Thoi Islands

plethora of marine Life of An Thoi island

There is a plethora of marine life here, including brain and fan corals, parrotfish, scorpion fish, butterfly fish, and enormous sea urchins. 

If you’re lucky, you could witness a blue-spotted ray or a bamboo shark being drawn in by the current. Dive spots range in depth from 5 meters (16ft) to 25 metres (82ft).

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Con Dao islands

Con Dao Islands is yet another one of the wonderful dive sites in Vietnam, strategically positioned away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. It is an excellent diving place for enjoying the magnificent seas and marine life. 

Divers diving in the turquoise waters of the Con Dao Islands will come across a variety of interesting marine organisms including well-camouflaged stonefish, moray eels, barracuda, Moorish idols, turtles, and much more. This diving area should be avoided during severe weather.

dive sites in Vietnam - Con Dao

Interesting marine organisms in Con Dao

Cham island

Scuba diving on Cham Island in Vietnam is a fantasy journey that one can only have at the three most famous diving spots, namely Hon Island, Long Island, and Tai Island. 

This ocean’s amazing beauty may be explored by diving 5 to 7 meters down into the water, where you can view numerous rare marine animals. 

dive sites in Vietnam - whale island

The tourist enjoys exploring the sea in Cham island.

Cham Island has a total area of 5000 hectares of maritime space, of which 500 hectares are seagrass beds and 165 hectares are coral reefs. The presence of 200 different fish species adds to the attractiveness of this spot, and put it on the list of must – try dive sites in Vietnam.

Thao Dien, Ho Chi Minh City District

The bulk of visitors visit the Chi Minh City District at night, although Thao Dien is an unrivaled scuba diving destination during the day. Though it is not as well-known as other dive sites in Vietnam, it is nevertheless worth a visit if you have no other options. 

You can dive straight off the coast at this diving area, and the stunning vistas beneath the sea are really breathtaking.

Electric Nose

The enormous pinnacle that rises from 50 feet deep to the surface distinguishes this place from other dive sites in Vietnam

The seafloor is adorned with masses of Vietnamese soft coral that support a diverse macrolife, and the huge diversity of species makes this diving area a popular one in Nha Trang in particular, one of the most popular dive sites in Vietnam in general.

In addition, many crabs, shrimps, mantis shrimps, and flatworms may be seen. Swimming through the rock will allow you to experience the pure magnificence of this stunning site, which is covered with countless bright yellow sunflower corals.


Best time to dive in Vietnam

Despite dive sites in Vietnam being available all year, the months of March through October are optimal owing to calmer currents and improved visibility. Also, weather conditions vary greatly in various regions, so it is best to examine the weather conditions of the diving site you intend to visit ahead of time.

Scuba diving in Vietnam price

An open water course costs roughly USD550 in Con Dao and around USD300 in Nha Trang. The cost of two fun of dive sites in Vietnam will range from USD120 to USD160.

Equipment Required For Scuba Diving In Vietnam

If you are a seasoned diver, you will be aware of the equipment required for scuba diving, which you can always rent at all of the dive sites in Vietnam. If you are a novice, you can enroll in a beginner’s diving course and become acquainted with the equipment. To begin, you’ll need the following items:

  1. diving mask
  2. Snorkeling
  3. regulator of oxygen
  4. scuba fins
  5. Scuba computer
  6. Wetsuit
dive sites in Vietnam - diving equipments

A fully equipped tourist when diving

Vietnam may not be at the top of everyone’s choice of diving locations. Nonetheless, all scuba divers who visit the country believe that it should be. Therefore, why don’t you try going to dive sites in Vietnam right away to see for yourself? The experience here will not disappoint you. Let’s contact 1900 3398 to know more!