Quy Nhon holds a hot air balloon festival for the first time in 2023

16/01/2023 huynhle

In 2023, the Quy Nhon Sea Paradise Tourism Festival will host the inaugural hot air balloon festival. It was revealed during the event on January 13 in Quy Nhon city to implement the tourism development plan of Binh Dinh province in 2023.

Hot air balloon festival and other programs to develop Binh Dinh tourism

Mr. Tran Van Thanh – director of Binh Dinh Department of Tourism – said that compared to 2021, in 2023, Binh Dinh tourism aims to reach 5 million visitors, with revenue reaching VND 16,400 billion, up 21.4% and 25%, respectively.

To achieve the above goal, the tourism industry of Binh Dinh province outlines specific tasks for each quarter of 2023. 

Notably, in the first quarter of the year, Binh Dinh organized many key activities to promote and introduce typical tourism products and programs such as tourism, scientific discovery, and culture – architecture. Cham, spiritual culture, Tay Son peasant movement with Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue cloth hero, sea and island tourism, learning the national language script, heritage journey…

The highlight in the 2nd and 3rd quarters is the tourism festival “Quy Nhon – sea paradise“. For the first time, Binh Dinh will hold a hot air balloon festival at this festival. There will be expected to be 10 large hot air balloons and 5 small hot air balloons, free-flying and anchoring for visitors to experience during the day from April 30 to May 9.

Hot air balloon festival will be held in the summer of 2023 in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon’s hot air balloon festival will take place in 2023

Also, in these two peak tourist quarters, Binh Dinh will organize a Gift Festival, including organizing a contest to design and create Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh tourist souvenir gifts in 2023 and organize exhibition space to promote these products.

The Provincial People’s Committee has assigned the Department of Tourism to be the focal point to coordinate with Hexa Media Joint Stock Company to organize the International Balloon Festival in Quy Nhon City by regulations.

Hexa Media Joint Stock Company is a unit specializing in consulting, managing and organizing hot air balloon festivals in Vietnam. It has organized several festivals in Vietnam with thousands of visitors, such as the 2022 Hot Air Balloon Festival within the framework of the Hue Festival, taking place at the end of June 2022 in Thua Thien Hue province.

In 2023, Binh Dinh will also promote and strengthen regional linkages and tourism development links with many provinces and cities nationwide, training high-quality human resources, including human resources meeting ASEAN tourism standards…

Binh Dinh welcomes more than 4 million visitors a year

Binh Dinh is well-known as the birthplace of the Sa Huynh culture. For a long time, it served as one of the capital cities of the old Cham Kingdom. The lengthy coast, with its various bays and lochs, creates many picturesque locations and beaches. Aside from these, Ham Ho Valley is a lovely freshwater site for guests who appreciate bushwalking and swimming in a freshwater stream.

Binh Dinh is the birthplace of Tuong opera, Tay Son martial music, Ba Trao festival music of the central coast fisherman, and numerous traditional festivals such as Tay Son, Cau Ngu, An Thai Village Muscle art… The province produces unique goods such as silk, swallow’s nests, shrimp, fish, rare wood, vegetable oil, rice, marble, titanium, and handicrafts.

Binh Dinh has a lot of interesting things to attract tourists

Binh Dinh has a lot of interesting things to attract tourists

According to Mr. Thanh, in 2022, Binh Dinh’s tourism industry will have a fast recovery and strong growth in quantity, revenue and visitor market. The province has received more than 4.12 million visitors, an increase of 185.2% compared to 2021, and is one of the localities with the fastest tourism recovery rate in the country.

The province has 58 licensed tourism development investment projects, with a total investment capital of more than 51,300 billion VND. Twenty projects have been completed or partially completed and put into operation, with a total investment capital of more than VND 13,500 billion, and 38 projects are underway, with a total investment of more than VND 37.7 billion. 

In 2023, it is expected that 19 hotels will come into operation, including 6 4-star hotels, and the total number of rooms will increase by more than 1,600.

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