Islands In Vietnam – Top 10 Wonderful Islands You Shouldn’t Miss

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Islands in Vietnam are big travel resources with a coastline of 3,000 kilometers and 2,800 Islands. You can easily see swaying palm trees, blue seas, pearly white beaches, and a wonderful vibe. From large to small islands, you will find many backpackers and holidaymakers here. With the tropical weather, more travelers visit Vietnam, especially the Vietnam islands. 

To help you easily look for an incredible island, we have listed the top 10 wonderful islands here. It will make sure you head to the right island. Let’s check!


  • Not all islands in Vietnam are accessible to foreign tourists. Before you head to an island in Vietnam, check if you are allowed to go there.
  • The problem of waste treatment is still very limited in large and small islands in Vietnam. You will see a beautiful beach with white sand and a lot of trash. So make sure you always at least take your waste with you after visiting in any case.
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The things you should know about islands in Vietnam


1. Ly Son Island – The Unspoilt Natural Landscape 

Ly Son, the only island in Quang Ngai Province, was known as “The Kingdom of Garlic”. Volcanic eruptions have left Ly Son with fertile soil ideal for growing high-quality garlic. Today, towering rugged escarpments, brilliant turquoise waters, and untouched nature lure numerous trippers to this remote islet. The natural landscape is still very unspoiled, so it has a great attraction.

islands in Vietnam - Ly Son Island - The Unspoilt Natural Landscape

Ly Son Island – The Unspoilt Natural Landscape

Across Ly Son, you will see garlic growing in neat little rows planted in the stormy soil, and you will taste garlic in utmost dishes, as it’s a point of nearly all reflections on the island. Although not a swimming spot, it makes up for it with its panoramic views of Mount Thoi Loi, traditional cathedrals, and affordable original caffs. At the To Vo Gate at the top of Thoi Loi, you can relax in the evening. Surely, Ly Son is the perfect island in Vietnam to visit.

Notes: You should visit the island between April and September when the sun is out and the sea is calm. Avoid traveling on rainy days to make the most of your visit time.

2. Hon Tre Island – The Beauty Of Islands In Vietnam

Hon Tre is different from any island in the country and is one of the most beautiful islands in Vietnam. Hon Tre island is a fantastical complex with an amusement park, golf courses, and exclusive spas. With beauty like Vietnam’s picturesque nature and a 15-minute cable car ride, you can see the breathtaking views from the coastal city of Nha Trang to Vinpearl Land on the island.

islands in Vietnam - Hon Tre Island - The Beauty Of Islands In Vietnam

Hon Tre Island – The Beauty Of Islands In Vietnam

You can have a blast on the water slides, take unlimited rides on roller coasters and bumper cars, or unplug, unwind, and restore by the sea with a heavenly spa treatment. The park also features a lush area filled with fantastic plants and flowers from around the world, as well as Asia’s largest over-the-water floating bay. Check-in right now to have a luxury stay on wonderful islands in Vietnam as Hon Tre.

Notes: Vinpearl operates several resorts on Hon Tre, and offers all-in packages for families and couples, covering tickets to the demesne, hostel, buffet dinners, and transfers to the island.

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3. Phu Quoc Island – One Of The Popular Islands In Vietnam

Phu Quoc is one of the best islands in Vietnam because of islands off the coast, the water is calm with impressive white sandy beaches. It is crowded and a lot further developed. This is the perfect holiday island in Vietnam. The tropical forests spread even further across the island in further inland.

islands in Vietnam - Phu Quoc Island - The Popular Island In Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island – The Popular Island In Vietnam

Phu Quoc island is quite large. So there are loads for you to view and play. You can snorkel the coral reefs, kayak around the island’s small inlets, or delight in the local cuisine. Because tourism in Phu Quoc island is growing and becoming more and more popular, so it’s better to reserve a hotel or resort on the island. Phu Quoc is one of the absolutely beautiful islands in Vietnam to visit. 

Notes: You should try to taste the best black pepper and fish sauce while you’re here.

4. Con Dao Islands – One Of The Pretty Islands In Vietnam To Visit

Within Vietnam, Con Dao is known for its tragic history as a former prison in colonial times. But, the beauty of Con Dao is never lost. Con Dao has flawless white sands as nature’s beautiful picture.

Off the seacoast of Vung Tau City you’ll find Con Dao, a literal tropical islet largely covered in jungle. Con Dao boasts gorgeous empty strands, a small fascinating city, and extensive public demesne. Beneath the water, Con Dao has some of Vietnam’s stylish snorkeling spots, and its public premises are crisscrossed with hiking trails. However, you’ll find it then, if you’re looking for an escape from the world and places to visit in Vietnam.

islands in Vietnam - Con Dao Islands - The Pretty Island In Vietnam To Visit

Con Dao Islands – The Pretty Island In Vietnam To Visit

Notes: Strong winds make the corridor of Con Dao unapproachable for several months each time. So, plan the time of your trip if you want to dive or snorkel tenures well. 

5. Nam Du Islands – A Drift Into Blissful Oblivion Island In Vietnam

If Hon Tre is a luxury island, Nam Du is a drift into blissful oblivion islands in Vietnam. Nam Du is a small and hidden archipelago South of Phu Quoc of Vietnam that can only be reached by ferry or private boats. Nam Du has no upscale hotels and resorts, steady electricity, or WiFi, but what it has is the pure mesmerizing beauty of wooded mountains and gorgeous beaches. 

islands in Vietnam - Nam Du Islands - A Drift Into Blissful Oblivion Island In Vietnam

Nam Du Islands – A Drift Into Blissful Oblivion Island In Vietnam

You can get an airy bungalow facing the sea, turn off your phone, sit back, and savor a rare moment of total peace on one of the best beaches in Vietnam. Remember to visit the lighthouse because this is the highest point. From this point, you can have a panoramic view of all the islands, especially the beautiful sunset. Some development plans are working, but this island remains one of Vietnam’s best-kept secrets now.

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6. Phu Quy Island – The Wild Vibe Of The Islands In Vietnam

Phu Quy is one of the top islands in Vietnam. Recently, the island has been gaining famous among Vietnamese backpackers. This is a fun trip for the adventurer. Phu Quy is made up of fishermen’s villages so there is a delightful, laid-back vibe of the past. You can see rocky places, with undulating dunes and hills in others. The island is also best viewed from the lighthouse at Cam Mountain. Moreover, you will also find a well worth visiting which is the delightful Linh Buu Pagoda.

islands in Vietnam - Phu Quy Island - The Wild Vibe Of The Islands In Vietnam

Phu Quy Island – The Wild Vibe Of The Islands In Vietnam

About 100 kilometers off the coast at Mui Ne, Phan Thiet is Phu Quy island. You can take a boat to the island for 300.000 VND (13 USD) from Phan Thiet. Coming here, you will be surprised by an island that is so pure and unspoiled. Because electricity is only available at certain times and the homestays are very simple. If you are a visitor who loves the wild vibe of the islands in Vietnam, we are sure Phu Quy is the best choice to visit. 

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7. Co To Islands – Beautiful Islands To Visit In Vietnam

Co To Islands is a pretty island in northern Vietnam. The islands are popular with local tourists but are little discovered by foreign travelers. With stunning strands framed by pristine, turquoise waters, the islet is home to some distinctive gemstone conformations at Cay My, which are well worth visiting. You will see nice beaches, clear water, and fantastic rock formations.

islands in Vietnam - Co To Island - A Beautiful Island To Visit In Vietnam

Co To Island – A Pretty Island In Northern Vietnam

Coming to Co To Islands, you can kick back and relax on Van Chai beach. If you are an adventurous vacationer, you can climb mountains or go hiking in the interior of the island. Co To Island is a suitable and attractive place to visit in Vietnam with a lot of accommodation and eating options to suit your budget.

islands in Vietnam - Co To Island - A Beautiful Island To Visit In Vietnam

Co To Island – A Beautiful Island To Visit In Vietnam

Notes: The weather on Co To Islands is quite complicated, so you need to check the weather forecast in advance both before the date of departure and the day of return to avoid being stuck here. Remember to prepare for good health and schedule or calculate costs before the trip to avoid losing money. 

8. Binh Ba Island – The Place Where Foodies

Binh Ba is one of the famous islands in Vietnam, or another call is Lobster Island. Binh Ba Island is located 20km off the mainland. This is absolutely gorgeous and well worth heading to if you have the opportunity. Binh Ba is also the famous place where foodie goes go to enjoy copious amounts of fresh seafood on the smooth, white sand beaches.

islands in Vietnam - Binh Ba Island - The Place Where Foodies

Binh Ba Island – The Place Where Foodies

Binh Ba has 2 main beaches that are lovely to lounge upon, and the great waters that border them are picture-perfect. The reefs around the island make for some nice diving spots. During your stay, you should go to the morning Binh Ba market, where you can find the best fresh seafood – a true culinary treat. Great to come!

Notes: It is best to go from January to September. You should travel by boat when crossing the island if there are elderly and children in the group. You should try Ta Pi Lu Fish when you come here.

9. Whale Island – A Beautiful Bounty Island In Vietnam

If you are finding a beautiful bounty place, you have to go to Whale Island – a beautiful island in Vietnam. This is located about 80km from Nha Trang. Whale Island is one of the least known islands of Vietnam, as known as the Maldives of Vietnam. This small island is full of palms, white sandy beaches, and a wonderful blue sea.

islands in Vietnam - Whale Island - A Beautiful Bounty Island In Vietnam

Whale Island – A Beautiful Bounty Island In Vietnam

Whale Island is perfect for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts with its deep, clear water. Between April and July, whales and whale sharks go to the archipelago to feed on krill and plankton. The area is also home to an abundance of clownfish living in their anemones, grouper, and snapper, among others. How exciting!

Notes: The best time to go to Whale Island is from February to August. Bring sunscreen and necessary food, such as snacks, canned meats, and cup noodles. Some other things like stomach ache medicine, headache medicine, and pain reliever will be needed in some urgent cases.

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10. Cham Islands – An Island In Vietnam With Snorkelers And Divers

If you have time to visit Hoi An, we recommend that you view Cham Island. The Cham Islands are 15km from Hoi An and are perfect for people looking to get out of the busy city and enjoy the beach. Cham Islands, like Whale Island, are little known among travelers. This place has pristine oceans that glitter in the sun. Many visitors come to the islands to snorkel, scuba dive, or swim the day away. With a rich underwater reef system with 135 species of coral, there is a lot to see here. 

islands in Vietnam - Cham Islands - An Island In Vietnam With Snorkelers And Divers

Cham Islands – An Island In Vietnam With Snorkelers And Divers

Cham Islands is also a national park. Foodies can feast on scrumptious seafood at Huong Beach (Bãi Hương). Culture fans can visit Lang Beach (Bãi Làng) for a peek at the daily lives of local fishermen and the nearby forbidden village (Xóm Cấm). Thrill-seekers can find natural caves and unspoiled landscapes at Bac Beach (Bãi Bắc). Visitors can see the soft sand, rustling palm trees, and inviting sunbeds on Chong Beach (Bãi Chồng) and Bim Beach (Bãi Bìm) welcomes everyone. One of the best islands in Vietnam, the Cham Islands will not make you regret visiting. 


Islands in Vietnam are surely associated with the sea. So, if you want to visit an island in Vietnam, you should note some following tips: 

  • Plan, and consult the weather to ensure a nice trip.
  • Bring the necessary items such as sunscreen, hats, scarves, and bikinis, …
  • Clean up trash after visiting.
  • Research outstanding places to visit to make the most of time.
  • If there are children with you, please pay attention to ensure their safety.

Please be mindful of the above tips to make sure your trip is perfect. 

These are the 10 best islands in Vietnam that Dideden introduced to you. We hope you looked for a nice place to visit and relax with friends and family members this summer. Thank you for your reference to our post – Top 10 wonderful islands in Vietnam. 

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