Top 13 must-try Ha Noi dishes that you can’t refuse

13/03/2023 Trần Bích Trà

Ha Noi is the capital of thousands of years of civilization with heroic and proud historical stories. In addition to the peaceful and precious atmosphere, Ha Noi dishes are also making us fall in love. A trip to this capital is visiting a foodie paradise. So come with to this capital and find the must-try dishes you can’t say No to.

Pho – One of Ha Noi dishes that are famous all over the world

Pho is a long-standing traditional Ha Noi dish, with its own flavor of the North. And it is known globally. Different restaurants in Ha Noi have secret recipes for their flavor. But a typical bowl of Pho is made of rice noodles, marrow-rich beef stock, thinly sliced beef or chicken, chopped ginger, and fresh spring onions.

The broth is simmered from the bones to get the sweetness, then add specific spices such as cardamom, cloves, cinnamon anise,… From there, the Pho flavor is slightly sweet and full of flavor that makes any person once try it will never forget.


Pho ranked 9th in the top 10 most delicious dishes in the world voted by CNN

Moreover, Pho ranked 9th in the top 10 most delicious dishes in the world voted by CNN. It’s a must-try dish, isn’t it?

Reference address:

  • Pho Ly Quoc Su: 10 Ly Quoc Su Street.
  • Pho Thin: 13 Lo Duc Street.
  • Pho Bat Dan: 49 Bat Dan Street.

Bun Cha (Kebab rice noodles)

Bun Cha consists of a soupy bowl of diluted fish sauce filled with charcoal-grilled fatty pork, meatballs, pickled kohlrabi, and carrot. It comes with rice noodles and fresh herbs like perilla, coriander, and lettuce. 


Bun Cha has a rich, and delicious taste that is hard to resist

A little bit of everything comes together, blending together to create a rich, delicious taste that is hard to resist. This is also the popular dish that made US President Obama fascinated during his visit to Viet Nam in 2016.

Reference address:

  • Bun Cha Huong Lien: 24 Le Van Huu Street, Ha Noi.
  • Bun Cha Sinh Tu: 57 Nguyen Khuyen Street, Ha Noi.

Bun Thang

Bun Thang is a Ha Noi dish that can be called “the most sophisticated” because it takes up to 20 ingredients to make a delicious bowl of vermicelli. This dish is a perfect blend of color and flavor as well as presentation. 

The yellow color of sliced fried eggs, the white color of pork rolls, the green color of sliced onions, and the brown color of mushrooms. Squid, shrimp, and laksa leaves,… All have made a delicate and flavorful dish of Ha Noi.

It deserves to be the outstanding delicious food, right?


Bun Thang is a perfect blend of color and flavor as well as a presentation

Reference address:

  • Bun Thang Cau Go: 48 Cau Go Street.
  • Bun Thang Hang Hanh: 29 Hang Hanh Street.

Cha Ca La Vong (Grilled Fish with Dill and Turmeric)

Referring to delicious Ha Noi dish that visitors can not miss during their trip to the capital is Cha Ca La Vong. Ha Noi people have elevated the taste of Cha Ca into a premium delicacy that no one can refuse. 

Cha Ca La Vong is made from fresh sardines or snakeheads. Marinated in spices and grilled over charcoal until golden brown on both sides. Local people eat Cha Ca La Vong with rice paper, vermicelli, herbs, fat sauce, and shrimp paste.


Cha Ca La Vong is served in a hot pan grilled on a charcoal stove

This must-try food in Ha Noi was definitely one of our best meals in the city and you have to experience it once in your life.

Reference address:

  • Cha Ca Vong Ngu: 29 Nguyen Chi Thanh.
  • Cha Ca Thang Long: 21 Duong Thanh.
  • Cha Ca Lao Ngu: 171 Thai Ha.

Banh Tom (Shrimp in Batter)

If anyone has the opportunity to visit the capital of a thousand years of civilization, it is definitely impossible not to taste West Lake Banh Tom. The special feature of the dish lies in the fresh shrimp. They are marinated with a variety of spices before being fried together with crispy fried flour, and sliced ​​sweet potatoes are added. Banh Tom is served with a dipping sauce prepared according to a special recipe with salted papaya and herbs.

Although it is just a fried sidewalk snack, this shrimp cake attracts many diners, especially those who love to discover delicious Ha Noi dishes.

Reference address:

  • Banh Tom Hang Bo: 55 Hang Bo.
  • Banh Tom Ho Tay: 1 Thanh Nien Street.

Bun Oc (Snail Rice Noodles)

Bun Oc is a typical dish of this capital’s people. This food becomes special because of the sophisticated sophistication in its processing as well as its unmistakable wonderful taste. You can feel the greasy taste of each snail, and the crispy taste of the golden fried beans.

The sour and spicy taste of the chili and the broth when you try the first piece. The flavor of this Ha Noi dish is much better when served with green bananas, a few raw vegetables, or water spinach.


Bun Oc has sophisticated sophistication as well as its unmistakable wonderful taste

Reference address:

  • Bun Dau Mam Tom Ngo Tram: 1B Ngo Tram, Ha Noi.
  • Bun Dau Hang Khay: 31 Hang Khay Street, Ha Noi.

Bun Ca (Fish Noodles)

Bun Ca is one of Ha Noi dishes that is extremely loved by the people here. Pieces of fish are deep-fried, finely chopped fried beans, crunchy ear rolls served with water spinach, pure white vermicelli, and a rich and sour broth.

This is a popular dish throughout the season, whether hot or cold, people are ready to order a huge bowl right after entering the restaurant.

Reference address:

  • Bun Ca Van: 105/2 Quan Thanh Street.
  • Bun Ca Sam Cay Si: 5 Trung Yen Ngo Street.

Chao Suon (Rib Congee) – A perfect food for freezing days

A bowl of hot Chao Suon is one of the Ha Noi dishes that can not be missed when it gets cold. The bowl of Ha Noi Chao Suon is not too fussy, just simple congee, with ribs with crispy rolls. 


A bowl of Chao Suon suits on cold days in Ha Noi Capital

On cold days in Ha Noi Capital, sitting down to eat a bowl of Chao Suon and whispering to each other about everyday stories is quite interesting.

Reference address:

  • Chao Suon Hang Bo: 32 Hang Bo.
  • Chao Suong: 26 Tran Xuan Soan Street.

Xoi Khuc (Khuc Sticky Rice)

One more food that would like to introduce to you in the top of Ha Noi dishes is Xoi Khuc (Khuc Sticky Rice). Xoi Khuc or Banh Khuc is the food that makes up the beauty of Ha Noi’s traditional cuisine. The cake has the shape of a round block, the inside is pureed green beans with chopped pork and spices.


Xoi Khuc makes up the beauty of Ha Noi’s traditional cuisine

Reference address:

  • Xoi Khuc Quan: 35 Cau Go Street.
  • Xoi Loc: 105 Ta Quang Buu Street.

Banh Gio (Pyramidal Rice Dumpling)

Banh Gio is a rustic Ha Noi dish, which is easy to find in snack shops or for sale on the streets. The filling of Banh Gio is meticulously processed from ingredients such as wood-ear mushrooms with greasy ground meat, and the outside is a soft crust made of rice flour. The Banh Gio is carefully wrapped in a thick layer of banana leaves. A hot Banh Gio will keep you warm and full for many hours.

Reference address:

  • Banh Gio Thuy Khe: 5 Thuy Khe Street.
  • Banh Gio Dong Cac: 33 Dong Cac Street.

Banh Com (Young Sticky Rice Cake)

Most cities in Vietnam have an iconic cake, and in Ha Noi, that cake is Banh Com, which is made from young rice and mung bean. The cake is made from the most fragrant grains of young sticky rice, with the fillings made of green beans, grated coconut, and lotus jam. 

Banh Com tastes special when used with a cup of Vietnamese tea. And Banh Com is a Ha Noi dish that tourists can buy as gifts for their friends and families.


Banh Com tastes special when used with a cup of Vietnamese tea

Reference address:

  • Banh Com Bao Minh: 12 Hang Than.

Trang Tien Ice Cream

Trang Tien ice cream is actually a state-owned ice cream warehouse, opened in 1958 and located right in front of the Ha Noi Opera House.

People come to enjoy Trang Tien ice cream not only because of its sweet and cool taste but also because it relives childhood memories. If you are looking for traditional ice cream flavors such as nuggets, green beans, coconut milk, cocoa,… then visit Trang Tien ice cream immediately.

Reference address:

  • Trang Tien Ice Cream: 35 Trang Tien Street.

Egg Coffee

A beverage that seemed to be a unique Ha Noi food is Egg Coffee. Egg Coffee is made quite simply. The bartender must choose fresh eggs so as not to cause a fishy smell. Coffee must also be of the finest quality in Viet Nam, with a strong aroma. 

Eggs are filtered with yolks, beaten by hand or machine until fragrant like cake, and then lightly poured hot coffee into the center of the cup. The rich egg flavor blends with the aroma of coffee to create its own flavor of the coffee cup.


Eggs are filtered with yolks and beaten by hand or machine until fragrant like cake in the cup

Reference address:

  • Giang Cafe: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street.
  • Dinh Cafe: 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street.

Vietnamese cuisine in general and Ha Noi delicacies in particular always make a special impression in every visitor’s mind. Anyone who comes here once and enjoys all the dishes will surely remember it forever.

Above are the top 13 must-try Ha Noi dishes that you absolutely can not refuse. What are you waiting for? Let’s travel to this capital right away!

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