10 Untouched places on earth – Son Doong surprisingly appeared

11/01/2023 huynhle

The famous British travel publication – The Travel has just announced 10 untouched places on earth despite human presence for a long time. Surprisingly, Son Doong cave became the only representative of Vietnam to appear on the list, along with many other well-known sights.

List of 10 untouched places on earth by The Travel

1. Amazon rainforest

The world’s largest rainforest is a special symbol of Brazil and is home to more than 10 million species of plants and animals, many of which remain undiscovered by science. This huge land is so massive that many areas remain undiscovered.

Amazon covers 9 nations, making it challenging to explore specific regions. The Amazon is always on the list of mysterious and untouched places on earth, made even more so because most of it is still inaccessible owing to its isolation.

Amazon is named first in the list of untouched places on earth

Amazon is named first in the list of untouched places in the world

2. The Sahara Desert

Due to its desolate surroundings and unpredictable temperature swings, this vast desert that stretches over the northern point of Africa has presented humankind with one of the most difficult challenges. The Sahara is also home to many rare species of flora and fauna, such as the Sahara leopard.

3. Mariana Trench

It is the deepest portion of the western Pacific Ocean. Due to the incredible depth, only a few expeditions reach this mysterious place. The pressure level at the bottom of the trench is extreme, but it is a place where people can discover more strange things about our planet. The Mariana Trench is home to various deep-sea creatures, many of which remain unexplored.

4. The Namib Desert

Located in southern Africa, Namib is vast and one of the most ancient-formed deserts on earth. Namib’s unique conditions and remote location make this desert an ideal place for scientists to search for new species. Archaeologists have unearthed fossils in the Namib Desert.

5. Kaieteur Falls

This vast waterfall is located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest and has a height of up to 226m – 5 times higher than Niagara Falls. Kaieteur Falls is home to many endangered species, such as giant river otters and harpy eagles. Some caves in the area are untouched places.

Kaieteur Falls is one of the most untouched places in the world

Kaieteur Falls is one of the most untouched places on earth

6. Congo Basin

This dark and mystical region is home to various animals, plants, and cultures that have largely remained untouched by modern civilization.

With dense forests and many unexplored rivers, the Congo Basin offers people the opportunity to explore the unknown. Congo is home to many endangered species, such as western lowland gibbons and forest elephants. The region is full of mysteries, including the enigmatic Tele Lake and its rumoured inhabitants, strange monsters.

7. The Atacama Desert

Located in South America and is considered the driest desert on earth due to lack of rain and extreme temperatures. The Atacama desert is one of the most untouched places on earth due to the overwhelming human environment. This desert may have some of the most lethal creatures on earth, from tiny mosses that can survive without water for hundreds of years to bacteria that live in extreme temperatures.

8. Antarctica

Exploration in this area is challenging because this large continent has some of the most hostile climates on earth. Although scientists have visited it for centuries, some areas of Antarctica remain unknown. Many species have adapted to survive in Antarctica’s horrific environment, and scientists are constantly looking for new species of animals and plants that have evolved under those conditions.

9. Aleutian Islands

The Aleutian Islands remain largely unexplored in the Pacific Ocean due to their remote location and rugged terrain. With rugged coastlines and mysterious caves, these islands are home to rare birds and marine mammals. People also believed the islands have many undiscovered ancient monuments, including lost treasures.

10. Son Doong Cave

The Travel describes Son Doong as a vast underground cave system, many of which are still unexplored mysteries. That’s why they put Son Doong on the list of untouched places in the world.

With its winding paths and quaint underground lake, this cave is attractive for explorers and visitors alike. Son Doong Cave is also home to many species of bats, monkeys and even small schools of fish. These organisms have adapted to the unique environment of the cave and can give researchers crucial information on the evolution of species.

Son Doong Cave became Vietnam's sole representation on the list.

Son Doong Cave became Vietnam’s sole representation on the list.

There are undoubtedly many hidden places on this planet that people have not yet seen, from isolated jungles and deserts to secret tunnels and trenches beneath the sea.

(According to The Travel, Thanhnien.vn)