Vietnamese Pho ranks among the 20 best soups in the world

09/01/2023 huynhle

A list of the 20 most delicious soups in the world has been released by CNN Travel, an American travel magazine. Vietnamese Pho remains ranked 2/20 according to this ranking. Let’s see with how they rate Vietnamese Pho.

What do they say about Vietnamese Pho?

The list was updated by Jen Rose Smith, a journalist who spends much time investigating international travel and cuisine. She frequently has pieces published in illustrious publications and online portals, including Washington Post, National Geographic Travel, and CNN Travel,…

In this update, from her experience, soups have been around since ancient times, and each culture has its unique soup. Vietnamese beef noodle soup is an interesting form of food that meets the criteria of a soup today such as dilute water, some ingredients are stewed for a long time and the preservation time is also longer than some common foods.

In Vietnam, Pho also has local variations, but in general, it is often called beef noodle soup of the three regions of the North – Central – South. Regarding ingredients, Northern Pho often uses large, flat noodles, while Southern Pho often chooses thinner, longer ones.

It's not the first time that Vietnamese Pho has been honoured by CNN

It’s not the first time that Vietnamese Pho has been honoured by CNN

The way of cooking is also different, affecting the taste of a bowl of Vietnamese Pho. Specifically, the Pho broth in the South is often slightly cloudy in colour and does not use MSG (Monosodium Glutamate). While in the North, diners may feel the taste of MSG in the dish.

Even the way of enjoying Pho also shows its own cultural identity. While the Central people often give a lot of chillies because they like it spicy, the Southern people prefer sweet sauce, and the Northern people often use it with Northern sauce and a little lemon.

Currently, tourists visiting Vietnam can find beef noodle soup from street stalls to menus of luxury restaurants. With the price of only a few thousands of Vietnam Dong (VND), you can enjoy the soup that was voted as one of the 20 best soups in the world.

Other Southeast Asia dishes in 20 world’s best soups

In addition to Vietnamese beef noodle soup, Southeast Asia also has some top soups such as Soto Ayam (Indonesia), Tom yum (Thailand) and Mohinga (Myanmar).

Soto Ayam

Soto Ayam is made from chicken broth that combines spices such as fresh turmeric, star anise, cinnamon, lemongrass, and lime leaves and is often served with noodles. A little soft yolk of the boiled egg makes the dish more delicious.

Each locality has a different way of presenting and using ingredients when cooking this dish. Soto Ayam is also loved in Singapore, Malaysia and remote Suriname in South America.

Tom yum

Tom yum is a popular spicy and sour shrimp soup in Thailand. The ingredients to make this soup include shrimp and spices such as galangal, lemongrass and lime leaves.

Each region will have other ingredients such as fish, squid, oysters, octopus,… Tom Yum can be found anywhere in Thailand, from widespread restaurants to luxury restaurants.


Soup is frequently offered for breakfast in Myanmar. Large vats of Mohinga are sold hot from street vendors and tea shops. The fragrant broth, thickened with toasted rice powder and simmered with herbs, is the base of this noodle soup.

The thin rice noodles make this dish ideal for slurping, and adding fish adds extra richness. Because it is so adored, Mohinga has evolved from a morning item to a versatile snack, and each area has its take on the traditional soup.

Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar are also on the list of best soups

Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar are also on the list of best soups

It is not the first time that Vietnamese Pho has received international praise. If you have the opportunity to set foot in Vietnam, visit famous places of Vietnamese Pho such as Hanoi, Nam Dinh or Lang Son to enjoy this unique cuisine.

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