The world-famous Cloud bridge in Ta Van attracts tourists to Sapa

01/02/2023 huynhle

Cloud Bridge (Cau May), Ta Van Giay village (Ta Van commune, Sa Pa town, Lao Cai province) is world famous through artistic photos. Visitors to the “city in the mist” want to check in at this place once.

Best Time to Visit Ta Van 

Located in the beautiful Muong Hoa valley, Ta Van Giay village, in recent years, has become a famous tourist destination in Sapa. In particular, many visitors are interested in the uniquely designed homestay model, and everyone wants to take a photo to check in at Cloud Bridge – a famous global bridge.

About 10 km from the center of Sa Pa town, the road to Ta Van Giay tourist village winds along the slopes. A mountain range is from the car window or in front of the motorbike rider’s eyes. Below are peaceful, romantic villages in the mist and unique terraced fields. Lying next to it is the Muong Hoa stream flowing day and night.

On the inter-commune road to Ta Van Giay village, the Sa Pa town government has designed two floors of hope, with clean toilets for visitors to rest and admire the beautiful mountain scenery. In the North West region.

The most famous in Ta Van commune is Ta Van Giay village. In this highland commune, nearly 250 restaurants, homestay accommodations, motels and hotels are managed and operated by local ethnic people.

But the most famous is Ha Meo restaurant, owned by Mr. Le Van Ha (70 years old), at the top of Ta Van village, where a Cloud bridge crosses the famous Muong Hoa stream at home and abroad.

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village

Ta Van Village is best visited between April and August. The weather at this time of year is ideal for summer vacations with bright days. Furthermore, November to January is excellent for individuals who enjoy hiking and exploring the enthralling beauty of the rainforests here, with golden paddy fields and white peach blossom slopes.

What is so special about the Cloud bridge in Ta Van that attracts so many tourists?

The Cloud Bridge was originally a bridge to serve the travel needs of the people, so each village in the area took turns building it. Households with many fields must contribute 90 rattan yarns, and those with fewer fields also contribute 30 spans. Each strand is 45 yards long. Materials are entirely taken from rattan, and the board is made of pomu wood. The two ends of the load-bearing rope cling to large trees on both sides of the stream, including a fig tree over 200 years old. By 1964, when an iron bridge appeared, the Cloud Bridge was no longer in use. In 2005, Mr. Le Van Ha newly restored it to attract tourists.

However, the Cloud Bridge has been famous worldwide since 2006 when American photographer Skip Nall took pictures while traveling in Sa Pa. Later. The Lao Cai Provincial Tourism Promotion Information Center said that the world-famous Swedish home furniture company IKEA is selling a beautiful and extraordinary photo of the Ta Van Cloud bridge (Sa Pa). In the mountain mist by an American photographer named Skip Nall, taken on the occasion of traveling with friends in Sa Pa.

The photo of the Ta Van Cloud Bridge (Sa Pa) is being sold in stores of IKEA home furniture companies around the world for 40 USD/small size (about 1 million VND). Customers need to pay a higher price to get the bigger one.

The world-famous Cloud bridge in Ta Van attracts tourists to Sapa

Don’t forget to visit the famous cloud bridge of Ta Van

In the following years, domestic and foreign tourists flocked to Ta Van and went to Ha Meo restaurant to take pictures by this famous bridge.

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